7 Amazing White Sand Beaches Near Mumbai

Posted By Avis on February 20, 2020
The city of Mumbai is bestowed with many glorious beaches. You know you are in Mumbai when the strings of the Arabian Sea seize you with its flow. The best thing about these beaches is you don’t need a ...
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Top 5 Snow Destinations In The Northern Himalayas

Posted By Avis on January 9, 2020
Are you looking for a short break to the hills and get lost in the world of nature? Do you want to witness a paranormal view of snow-covered mountains, enjoy a bit of thrill, and want more to explore? A ...
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North India vs South India, which is the one for you to explore?

Posted By Avis on August 21, 2019
Enriched with culture, scenery & diversity, India has a long list of incredible cities & destinations. If north has the mighty Himalayas & Rajasthan royalty then the south has all of the gorgeous beaches & Kerala’s backwaters. Source: blog....
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The Luxurious Road Trip with Chauffeur Driven Car Rental in Rajasthan

Posted By Avis on June 20, 2019
Bonnie Rakhit is a Travel expert and blogger from London.  As an Avis CAO, she decided to take the ultimate luxury trip across India with Avis car rental in Rajasthan. Although the best-touted route for the said road trip ...
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Get Bowled Over By Greatness Of UK This World Cup Season

Posted By Avis on May 29, 2019
A picturesque countryside, huge heap of epic destinations, the London city life, Royal Castles, Scottish Highlands made famous by the drama series “Outlander”, remote isles brought to light by the “Bronte Sisters”, vast coastlines, and of course ICC ...
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