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Car Rental in Bangalore

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    Bengaluru, a city in southern India, is well-known for being the country's Silicon Valley and the IT hub. It is indeed the ideal place to work for tech enthusiasts and savvy foreigners.
    Apart from being home to many IT companies like Google, Dell, and Amazon, Bangalore is also famous for its number of startups. Many people have a dream of working here as the growth of the high-tech industry has turned the city into one of India’s fastest-growing metropolises, with a wide array of people migrating here every day. It is one of the most stunning and desired cities in India also because of its exquisite weather that generally lasts throughout the year.
    With such a vibrant tech-savvy population and a need for daily commuting, renting a car is a preferred option in Bangalore. Avis India offers one of the the best solution for self drive and Chauffeur drive cars on rent in Bangalore. With the wide array of services being provided, renting a car becomes very straightforward and feasible, one just has to download the Avis India app on their phone and make the booking. They can also make a call to Avis’s customer service and make the booking. The availability of affordable car rental has reduced the dependency on public transport. Self drive cars in Bangalore are in all-time increased demand as it is more viable to rent cars to avoid the daily bother of commuting through public transportation facilities. Avis serves all your requirements without the hassles associated with expensive car ownership and maintenance.
    Stressful work schedules can have a negative impact on your health and make life boring in a bustling city like Bengaluru. Nothing beats a quick drive to a captivating weekend getaway for a quick break that will help you recharge. Fortunately, Bengaluru is endowed with some of India's most beautiful getaways. Furthermore, the beautiful city comprises everything from palaces to forts, natural rock formations to hills, and lakes to waterfalls, there’s almost everything in and around the city to make you fall in love with it.
    The Self drive and Chauffeur Drive car on rent in Bangalore allows you to take trips to incredible getaways, available at affordable prices. If you’re planning a relaxing weekend trip, take a Luxury Car Rental and explore different places in style. You can always hire a self drive Avis car through a credit card/debit card/ mobile wallet or even pay later, which offers a simplified and easy booking process with faster refunds. The transaction for the booking is swift and simplified, and payment is done without tiring paperwork.


    Explore and visit all the Famous Places by availing a self drive car on rent in Bangalore

      The beauty of Bangalore is best explored through a road trip as it lets you explore different places at will. While searching for a self drive or chauffeur drive car rental, Avis provides a wide range of cars to satisfy the car enthusiast in you.

    Ulsoor Lake:

    Located in the center of Bengaluru, Ulsoor Lake is also referred to as Halasuru. This lake is spread over 125 acres and it was originally founded for harvesting rainwater. This lake has a beautiful view and also has cruise and boating facilities. The Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara's location alongside Ulsoor Lake adds to its allure and beauty for tourists. One can always hire a self drive car rental in Bangalore from Avis and drive down to this serene place for a wonderful time.

    ISKCON Temple Complex:

    ISKCON temples are very popular all around the world. The full form of ISKCON is “International Society of Krishna Consciousness.”ISKCON is an organization in itself that has 400 temples under its wing all across the world. The ISKCON Temple in Bengaluru is the largest temple, out of these 400. Situated on the top of a hill, it offers a wonderful experience to all people visiting. Also, the view from this temple and the site is breathtaking. It has a very large prayer hall that can fill up to 2,000 people. The whole temple is decorated and painted with Lord Krishna’s pictures. Take a ride to this holy temple with a car on rent in Bangalore without a driver as it is easy to drive here due to the convenient location.

    Bull Temple:

    Bull Temple in Bengaluru, also known as ‘Nandi Temple’ or ‘Bhoganandishwara’ temple, is a sculptural masterpiece. It is dedicated to Nandi, the bull, who is regarded as Lord Shiva's Vahana or vehicle, according to Hindu mythology. It has a gigantic sculpture of a bull, which is about 4.6 meters tall and 6 meters long. The most iconic feature of this temple is that the structure of the temple is carved out of one single rock of granite.

    Someshwara Temple:

    Someshwara Temple in Bengaluru is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is one of the oldest and biggest temples that also hold the heritage of the Chola Kingdom. The marvelous architecture of the temple with the majestic Rajagopuram (tower) and Dhwajastambha (massive pillar) at the entrance of the temple, attracts devotees from far-off places.
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  • Rent a Car from Bangalore and Visit Nagarahole National Park
  • Book a car on rent in Bangalore and visit the Nagarahole National park

    Nagarahole National park’s other name is the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, which is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. This national park is full of beautiful streams, waterfalls, valleys, and flora and fauna. The park comprises many tigers, elephants, and bison. There are many other tourist attractions near Nagarhole National Park that can be best enjoyed by visiting Chembra Peak, Soochippara Falls, Fisherfolk Temple, Payyambala Beach, Kappad Beach, and much more.

  • Hire a Car from Bangalore and Visit Belur/Halebid
  • Take a luxury car rental in Bangalore and visit Belur/Halebid

    Belur is well known for its heritage. It was once recognized as the capital of the Hoysala Empire. This destination is filled with exceptional temples, decked with sculptures from the Hoysala period. The services of Avis to book a luxury car can be availed as it provides the best of both worlds. To visit such a splendid place in opulence.

    Top Places

    • Chennakesava Temple

    • Veeranayana Temple

  • Book a Car from Bangalore and Visit Coorg

    Coorg is one of the most peaceful and naturally beautiful places in India. Located on the Western Ghats, Coorg was referred to as the "Scotland of India" by the British. While others call it the Kashmir of South India Every tourist visiting Bengaluru should book a premium car offered by Avis and drive to this amazing destination. The natural beauty makes Coorg a must-visit. This district of Karnataka is mostly frequented by nature lovers. The thrill and pleasure to drive to heaven in India make you feel elated. Such attractive places make you plan an impromptu trip today.