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Self Drive Car Rental in Europe

The fabulous continent that gave us Van Gogh, Stella McCartney, Chardonnay, Nutella, Gouda Cheese, Yves Saint Laurent, pizza and the Eiffel Tower amongst countless other remarkable things, Europe is just an epic road trip away. This one continent is enough to tick multiple bucket list dreams; relish wine and cheese at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, take a stroll in the tulip fields of Netherland, relax in the Mediterranean sunshine of Croatia, revisit history at the archaeological sites of Cyprus, sample some spaghetti in Rome, saunter the cobblestone streets of Prague, explore the baroque building of Dubrovnik, swim, snorkel, sunbathe in Santorini, sample Swiss chocolates in Geneva, savour gelato on a gondola in Venice, flamenco your way to sangrias and tapas in Spain.


Burano Island, Venice, Italy

Solo expeditions, family trips, romantic getaways, no matter your intensions, Europe shrooms with endless possibilities and Avis with limitless car rental options. With presence across all major airports, train stations, town centers and select hotels, embark on your European adventure spoilt for the car of your choice.


Road trips in Europe by rental car

German Autobahn, free image

With contrasting landscapes, exotic scenery, magical destinations, epic history, diverse cultures, and culinary cuisine spanning cultures, traverse the length and breathe of Europe by taking a road trip in an Avis hire car.


Ring of Kerry Lookout, Ireland

The famed autobahn of Germany, Route 500 cutting through the Black Forest, the 200 kilometers loop of the Ring of Kerry alongside Irish countryside, incredible Amalfi Coast of Italy, Les Corniches touring through the French countryside, Troll Route through the heart of Norway, Klausen Pass of the fables Swiss Mountains, Route Napoleon tracing the course taken by Napoleon Bonaparte when he traveled from Elba to Grenoble, Germany’s Romantic Road, a 420-km stretch of pure romance between cherry red blossoms, Bavarian towns, the fairy-tale Neuschwanstein Castle, vineyards of Würzburg, Franconia and Baden-Württemberg and the majestic Alp Mountains, Iceland’s ring road, Italy’s Stelvio Pass, experience freedom on the best roads of Europe.