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4 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Rental Car

Posted by Avis on May 23, 2024 | people viewed

How to Choose the Right Rental Car for Your Needs

Reaching the airport on time and navigating through the busy peak time traffic can be a challenging task. Plus, the point to point cab service providers often cancel the booking at the last minute and make it more difficult for you to reach a destination on time. This is where premium car rentals come in.

You can book a car from these companies to save time and effort. Plus, professional chauffeurs who know the main and the alternative routes to reach a place well. Therefore, with these services, you can never be late or miss a flight. However, you should choose a car rental service carefully keeping the following aspects in mind.

How to Choose Car Rentals?

Companies providing car rentals offer a wide variety of services. Before hiring a car service, check the following factors without fail.

1. Number of People in the Journey


Before booking a car from a car rental company, check the number of people for whom you would need the car. If you are a family of 4 to 5 members or more, search with the keyword car rental near me to book a spacious car like Toyota Innova. On the other hand for couples, a comfortable sedan is adequate. Hiring a 4-seater car for a group of five people would be as unwise as booking a Toyota Hycross for 2 people.

Another factor you should keep in mind for online cab booking remains the purpose of the travel. To reach the airport in your city, you do not always have to book premium cars like a Mercedes or BMW. But, if luxury and top-notch convenience are your requirements, a BMW 5 series or a Mercedes S class can be the fittest choices.

Therefore, your choice of car should be based on the number of people travelling and the variety of transportation experiences you are expecting. Here are a few types of vehicles the car rentals offer.

  • Luxury Cars: BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E & S Class
  • Sedan: Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Dzire, Honda City
  • SUV: Toyota Innova, Toyota Hycross

2. Types of the Trip

The next factor that you should consider before hiring a car should be the agenda of the journey. Some people travel for business purposes while some travel to enjoy a vacation. You can also hire a car on rent with driver for daily commutations to the office, market, or any other places in your city. Here are a few varieties of facilities you can expect from any premium car rental company.

  • City Local Services – If you need to reach one place to another within your city, you can book this facility.
  • Airport Transfer Services – This online cab booking service offers cars to or from the airport and railways to a local destination.
  • Outstation Services – If you are planning to visit another city, you can book outstation services to reach the airport or any other destination within that city.
  • One-Way Services – One-way service helps you reach from one city to another and drops you there.

The premium car on rent with driver services keeps a wide variety of facilities available for these purposes. Depending on your requirements, you can choose car rental services in any city. For instance, if you live in Delhi and visiting Agra for some reason, you should book the outstation rental services to visit a few tourist places in Agra. To book an outstation car, use the keyword outstation car rental near me.

3. Consider Mileage and Budget

Both budget and mileage are critical for choosing car rentals. All cars are not ideal for all types of journeys. For example, if you are planning to travel long distances, you need a car that offers comfort and mileage.

The SUV vehicles like Toyota Innova or Toyota Hycross remain the best alternatives for such tedious journeys. These cars offer four-wheel drive perfect for any road condition and generally give a higher mileage. For short distances and intra-city travel requirements, Sedans and luxury cars are perfect.

Along with mileage, you should also consider your budget. The reputed online cab booking companies keep cars that are comfortable, give decent mileage, and have all modern features. Therefore, based on your budget, you can choose from a Dzire to a Mercedes.

4. Read Customer Feedback and Reviews

Finally, before booking a car, check the company’s portal and go through the reviews and feedback posted by former customers. No matter what a company claims about its services, the real and the truest testimony of those claims remains the experience of the customers.

A premium-quality car on rent with driver service keeps a dedicated section on its portal for customer feedback. Check this section carefully to know what you can expect from the company. Always settle for a car rental service with excellent reviews and positive feedback.

These testimonies will give you a rough idea of how customer-friendly the company is. Therefore, you would be able to select the best car rental service without any dilemma or confusion. To find the best portals, use the keyword car rental near me.

Few pointers to consider while selecting a car rental service provider

Choosing a car rental service requires careful attention. You will find several services in the market. However, settle for those that have the following USPs:

  • Experienced and Complaint Chauffeurs: Check if the company offers professional, punctual, courteous, and experienced chauffeurs. They should also know the routes like the back of their hands and be able to communicate in English.
  • Easy Booking Process: Online cab booking companies with a well-functioning website and mobile application should be your choice. With these facilities, you can book the cabs from anywhere at any time.
  • 100% Ride Assurance: A car rental company that assures no cancellation after booking is always a risk-free choice.
  • Flexibility for Booking Modifications: You should always settle for a company that offers you the flexibility to modify your date, time, cart type, etc. after booking confirmation.
  • Diversified & Well-Maintained Fleet: Always look for a car on rent with driver service that keeps a varied and well-maintained fleet of vehicles including Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Luxury cars, and more.


To sum up, whenever you need to reach a place on time, make sure to hire reliable car rentals like Avis that assures trained, experienced, and well-versed chauffeurs for all trips. Be it an outstation booking or an airport transport, you can be sure to get a well-maintained and optimally running vehicle every time.

For any queries or booking modifications, you can call our customer support executives. As a top car rental service, we keep a prompt and effective customer-care support team. Book your next cab through our mobile application or website to avoid hassles. To book a car from our portal, search for car rental near me.

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