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Avis -International Self Drive Car Rental

The best way to explore a city is on foot, they say. However, the best way to explore a country is through a car. One of the biggest hindrances to exploring a new country is being unfamiliar with its public transportation, especially to areas beyond a metropolitan city. Due to language barriers, confusing info and a steep learning curve, it can become extremely inconvenient to understand the public travel system. So, whether you're travelling across the European continent or taking a country road trip across the united states, make sure to hire AVIS car rentals in the UK and USA to make the most of your international trips.

Avis India offers a prime solution by removing all these obstacles from your way. We provide you with the freedom and mobility to go anywhere you want through our car rental service in multiple countries across the globe. Whether you require a car for a one-day journey to a nearby location or a car for a long journey to many cities or a road trip throughout the country, Avis has a car for you. With Avis, the service is impeccable and the customer is assured of the quality of the cars they are going to get. With other add on services such as GPS systems, child car seats, in-car WiFi and even the ability to rotate drivers (if travelling in a group), driving in a new country becomes a no-big-deal.

Avis India provides Self Drive car rentals in Europe, UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, amounting to 170 countries across the world. With 5500 rental locations, a fleet size of more than 450,000 cars and the biggest Self Drive network in the world, we are proud to be the only true global rental car company.

There are many advantages to hiring a Self Drive car in a different country. The very first is not being dependent on strict public transportation schedules. It helps save a lot of time, especially for an avid explorer. The second is the freedom of exploring different places and finding the hidden gems of a country. Whether it is agritourism farms in Italy or the fairy pools in Scotland, travelling to these places can be a bit of a challenge, unless one has a car. 

The cost comes down considerably with Self Drive car rental in Europe and the USA. Exploring multiple cities through Self Drive car rental in the UK or the USA offered by Avis will also keep the budget in control. Another major advantage is the experience of the car itself. Most international countries have stunning roads surrounded by beautiful scenery such as the Great Ocean Road in Australia or Route 66 in the United States. Avis India offers luxury cars, convertibles and coupés in those countries giving that movie perfect feel and experience, one rarely gets. Hire Self Drive car rentals in New Zealand or car rentals in the UK and other European and American countries with Avis, where long roads are meant to have a lot more fun.

How do I book a car for hire in another country?

Avis is an internationally renowned car rental brand providing the best cars throughout the world. To book your international Self Drive car rentals, simply use the Avis India app or website to enter in the origin city and select the location most convenient to you (i.e. airports or rental points). Simply decide on the pickup date and time and then select your Self Drive car for pick-up at the desired location. You can even pick up a car in one city and drop it off to another city. For our International Self Drive, you can reserve your car rentals at the time of the booking and pay later at the location.

What documents do I require for hiring a car abroad?

The documents required may vary from country to country. A valid driving license from a recognized country is the most important document you need for renting a Self Drive car abroad along with the passport. You must also have a credit card with a sufficient limit for booking the car and to cover the security amount. Some countries also require an IDP (International Driving Permit) for booking a Self Drive car.