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7 Offbeat Places to Visit in Chennai with a Self-Drive Car

Posted by Avis on December 4, 2019 | people viewed

Chennai is a perfect amalgamation of culture, traditions, beaches, temples, South Indian cuisine and of course, filtered coffee. It is one of the few cities, which manages to cram so many shades of beauty into one.

The beauty of the land is blended everywhere and not just in iconic attractions. While the city has loads of popular tourist destinations in Chennai, it is also home to some hidden gems that you will not find anywhere else.

There are several unexplored & offbeat places in Chennai to give your trip a unique spin. If you are looking for a real offbeat experience, it is time to choose the road less traveled & explore the hidden gems in the city.

From haunted towns to the cult-favorite Royal Enfield Factory, there are loads of offbeat destinations in Chennai, which will surely surprise you.

So hire a self-drive rental car in Chennai with unlimited kilometers & 24/7 roadside assistance for an unfaltering experience.

Here is our list of the lesser-known destinations in Chennai:

1. The hiding caves of Little Mount

he hiding caves of Little Mount

Source: Youtube

These alluring caves at Little Mount might not look like much at first but its story will take you by surprise. According to legends, one of Christ’s 12 apostles stayed in these caves for several years.

The cave is still intact and features a small shrine that locals use as a gathering spot for offering prayers. The most interesting legends about this place are the imprints of St. Thomas’ feet imprints & a tiny spring near the cave that never dries, created by the Saint himself.

2. Royal Enfield Factory

Royal Enfield Factory in Chennai
Source: Gentleman’s General

Chennai is home to the Royal Enfield Factory since 1955. Royal Enfield conducts factory tours for all bike enthusiasts who want to witness the glory of the Royal Enfield.

They still manufacture the iconic Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and the Classic along with several other models at this location. Their bikes are famous for the handcrafted build, which you can witness firsthand.

Whether you love their bikes or not, this is an experience, you should live at least once.

3. Ripon Building

ripon building in chennai

The Ripon Building is an iconic landmark of Chennai. Located near the Chennai Central railway station, it was built in 1913 and is named after Lord Ripon, the then Governor-General of British India.

This all-white building is a beautiful example of the neoclassical style of architecture, a fine combination of Gothic, classic and Contemporary. The main attraction of the building is the mechanical chiming clock, which needs wounding every day.

4. Demonte Colony

Demonte Colony in Chennai
Source: Youtube

Considered as one of the most haunted places in Chennai, Demonte Colony in Alwarpet has become something of a local legend in Chennai.

The neighborhood got its name from one of the area’s original residents, a merchant called John Demonte. Demonte’s life here was scarred by misfortune, including the sudden death of his son and wife.

After the stories of strange occurrences and ghost sightings got popular, it remains deserted.

5. Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes in Chennai
Source: Inspirock

Until a few years ago, this church in Perambur had few visitors as usual. All that changed after reports started coming in that the statue of Mother Mary in the church had ‘blinked’ around the time of the church’s annual feast.

While the authenticity of this claim is up for debate, this new urban legend in Chennai is well worth visiting, if not for the miracle then at least for this beautiful church.

6. Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge in chennai
Source: Chanceyilla

The Broken Bridge is one of Chennai’s most unusual tourist attractions. The scenery and asymmetry of this bridge make it one of a kind place in Chennai.

After its collapse in 1977, the last remnants of this bridge continue to intrigue people to this very day. This Bridge has become a hot spot for people, mainly because this is one of the few calm spots in the city, where you can relax & watch the sunset. The belief that the bridge is haunted also attracts many visitors.

7.Amethyst Cafe

Amethyst Cafe in Chennai
Source: Traveledncaptured

Located in Royapettah, Amethyst Cafe is much more than that of a boutique cafe.  Ample indoor and outdoor seating amidst a stylish yet cozy setting, the place offers a great ambiance to sit back and relax while savouring the delicacies from their unique menu.

Apart from food, the cafe offers other unique experiences such as ‘Bloom’, a fresh flower outlet that sells exotic flowers and bespoke flower arrangements.

These 10 unique & offbeat places in Chennai will enrich your experiences with most cherished memories. So pack your bags, book your car rental in Chennai and embark on a truly blissful vacation with Avis self-drive.

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