Travel Blog Delhi to Lucknow via Agra – Beautiful roads leading to beautiful destinations.


Delhi to Lucknow via Agra – Beautiful roads leading to beautiful destinations.

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What’s your idea of a perfect weekend? Lazing around and being a couch potato with Netflix, chips and coffee?

We thought of a different idea and planned a weekend trip from Delhi to Lucknow via Agra making use of the two famous expressways –

Yamuna Expressway and Agra to Lucknow Expressway.

Delhi to Lucknow

Source: Merinews

The Delhi to Lucknow distance in your rental car from Avis would be 470 km approximately.

Our journey started at 6 in the morning from New Delhi. We hired a car in Delhi from Avis for the trip. It is always advisable to begin such road trips in the early hours in Delhi to avoid traffic jams. Because of the expressways, the distance between the three cities of Delhi, Agra and Lucknow has reduced substantially.

Here is Delhi to Lucknow expressway Route:

The distance between the two cities has reduced significantly with the opening of the Yamuna Expressway. The expressway is generally free from traffic but according to rules, no one is allowed to exceed the speed limit beyond 100 kmph. 

The Delhi to Agra Expressway Toll is Rs. 415. During the Delhi to Lucknow road trip via Agra, we made sure we had a good list of music, eatables to munch and I had the wonderful company of my wife.

The major pitstops along with refreshments and fuel stations during our road trip were

Jewar that falls before the first toll.

Subway, Starbucks, Slice of Italy and Highway Masala Dhaba fall before the second Delhi To Agra Expressway toll


Here is Delhi to Agra Road Map


Delhi to Agra Map

Since we were running on a tight schedule, we decided to go all the way to Lucknow using the two expressways and exploring the city of Nawabs first. Both the expressways are connected seamlessly via the Agra.

You need to pay Rs. 585 at the Agra Lucknow expressway toll tax.

This expressway is in a lot of ways better than the Delhi to Agra expressway route as it is built with concrete that reduces tire friction thus lessening the heating and has no animals on the road.

Here is the Agra to Lucknow road map.


Agra to Lucknow Map

We reached Lucknow in the middle of the afternoon. Our bodies felt tired and we decided to check in a hotel to take a nap before exploring the city. Given we had an Avis rental car in Delhi, we could travel at our own pace.

There were so many historical places to visit, and we wanted to cover as many as possible.

Delhi to Lucknow Bada Imambara

We started with Bara Imambara. The Bara Imambara, named after the Nawab of Lucknow, is an important place of worship for Muslims. It is famous for an incredible maze referred to Bhool Bhulaiya by the locals. No wood or metal has been used in the construction. We could see the grave of Nawab Asaf-Ud-Dowlah and his crown, kept in the central hall. We were warned against taking a different route without the guide’s assistant to avoid being lost.

Delhi to Lucknow harzratganj market

Source: theculturetrip

Our next stop was Hazratganj, the central shopping district of Lucknow. We were told it has a long history behind it and it has managed to keep the past and the present hand in hand. It still continues to serve as Lucknow’s central shopping arcade. It acts as a crowd puller similar to Delhi’s Connaught Place and the MG Road of Bengaluru. This corner is said to be the best place to shop, slurp, eat and simply ‘walk the talk.’

Delhi to Lucknow Rumi Darwaza

We visited the de facto symbol of Lucknow called Rumi Darwaza. To me, the Rumi Darwaza lends the city a celebratory feel. I could imagine men playing musical instruments and inviting everyone to join in the festivities. The residency was a place I was looking forward to on our journey. Today, only the scarred ruins bear witness to the turmoil of 1857. There are around 2000 graves of men, women and children at a cemetery near the ruined church. There is also a Residency Museum situated within the campus of this building.

Delhi to Lucknow Dilkusha

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We also paid a visit to the Kaiserbagh Heritage Zone and Dilkusha. The city gave a feel of a place in the olden days set in a modern era. Thanks to the self-drive car in Lucknow, we didn’t need to rush through the trip.

Then came our favourite part  – The Food!

Delhi to Lucknow Galawat Kebab

Source: hungryforever

Kebabs and biryani are the two lip-smacking delicacies of Lucknow that had us hooked since we stepped in the city. We had early evening snacks at Dastarkhan: Galawat kabab and Chicken Masala. The amazing flavours tingled our taste buds so much that we still remember it till date. After the meal, we went sightseeing in Ambedkar Memorial Park built across 107 acres in Gomti Nagar with our rental car in Lucknow from Avis. By this time we were exhausted and decided to return to the hotel to rest.

Delhi to Lucknow Tunday Kababi

Source: amazonaws

In the late evening, before our dinner, we decided to explore the Aminabad Market. People told us that it comes to life as the sun sets. We found varied items from handicrafts to clothes to other traditional items and this market turned out to be a good night hangout place in Lucknow. Amongst all the restaurants to dine in Aminabad we chose Tunday kababi.

After enjoying a hearty meal we made our way to the Hotel Sky bar to enjoy drinks. On returning to the hotel we realized how tiring the day was but every bit of the road trip from Delhi to Lucknow by car rented from Avis was satisfying to the core.

Next morning, continuing the road trip back towards home on the Lucknow to Agra expressway, in a four-hour drive, we reached Agra. We had a quick brunch at a restaurant and then began our exploration.

Delhi to Lucknow Taj Mahal

Source: realmofhistory

Agra is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River. A huge number of tourists flock to Agra for the sheer royalty of the majestic Taj Mahal. Agra has a rich historical background which is the reason for the huge number of ancient monuments. We felt like we were transported to the Mughal era. We had Taj Mahal, Mehtab Bagh and Sadar bazaar on our itinerary.

The Taj Mahal is arguably the most beautiful building in the world. Its architecture is sublime but the reason it draws 7 million visitors every year is the story embodied in the stones. It is common knowledge that Shah Jahan got this mesmerizing monument built as a symbol of great love for his queen, Mumtaz Mahal. But you may not know that the queen could not bear to part with her husband during battles and often accompanied him to wars. On one of such an instance, she died after giving birth to their 14th child.

Delhi to Lucknow Agra


Our next destination was Mehtab Bagh. Thanks to our Avis self-drive car rental in Agra, it took us thirty minutes to reach this “Moonlit Garden”. There’s a  popular belief that Mehtab Bagh and all the other gardens were built to protect the Taj from the corrosive effects of the sand blown across the river. The site is open for a visit from sunrise to sunset with an entrance fee of Rs 5 for Indian citizens.


Delhi to Lucknow

Source: Manthan Diary –

We could not afford a lot of time on other places due to a tight schedule. But there was one thing we didn’t want to miss – The famous Pethas in Agra. So we visited Sadar Bazaar to taste sweet. We were shown the original Panchhi Petha shop popular among the locals as well as the tourists. They have a very loyal customer base and serve a variety of delicious pethas.

We realized that there are a number of interesting remnants of the Mughal era that actually surprise you and the crazy, congested bazaars of the Old City can be a total joy.

It was late afternoon by the time we covered all the places on our itinerary. So we went back on track to the Agra to Delhi expressway route for a 2-hour drive.

ON returning home, we felt rejuvenated and this travel together made us closer as a couple.

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