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Six Chief Adventure Officers of AVIS who are travel enthusiasts by heart embarked on a journey to six different locations with Avis car as their travel partner. With Avis, they explored different destinations, each one completely different from others thus fulfilling their desire to travel with freedom & comfort. Read about their journey & the destination of each blogger to learn more about their traveling experience with Avis.

Exploring the less explored with Avis self-drive in France- by Jhilmil Bhansali

Avis self-drive in France- by Jhilmil Bhansali

Jhilmil Bhansali is an avid traveler and a mother. For her recent adventure, she decided to take a family road trip to France. With its excellent architecture & iconic landmarks, France is a country that offers incredible diversity. For making the trip worthwhile, she hired an Avis self-drive rental car in France as her travel partner.

She picked up the car right at the airport to start her adventure in France. She loves to unravel the hidden gems of the city & capture small picturesque villages through her journey, which is why opting for self-drive was the right decision for her.

The major cities & stops in their included Giverny, Paris, Normandie, Mont Sant-Michele, Loire Valley. With Avis self-drive, they get to explore even further on the road less traveled.  As she rightfully said-“When in France, Do not miss the self-drive.

Driving through the most surreal destination, that is Scotland- by Revati & Charles

Driving through the most surreal destination by Revati & Charles.

Travel Blogger couple Revati & Charles planned a self-drive road trip across Scotland with Avis self-drive rental car. They opted for a large SUV for their journey convenient for steep inclines and sharp turns, as it would provide extra power and clearance for unexpected detours.

Scotland has many scenic treasures crammed into one country– big skies, surreal landscapes, spectacular wildlife, and superb seafood. Enriched with nature’s beauty that is pristine, untouched, Scotland is capable of cleansing one’s soul.

They found both the sunsets and roads of Scotland a remarkable sight for a road trip. Both of them were left awestruck by the beauty of Scotland’s landscapes, which is why Avis self-drive was an ideal partner for them as it gave them the freedom to capture every view.

The incredible Rajasthan Road trip with Avis self-drive- by Devansh Kamboj

Avis #CAO Devansh Kamboj decided to take a road trip to Rajasthan with his friends and Avis self-drive car. Devansh opted for sedan car for a comfortable drive, and Avis provided him with a brand new Honda City, which is an ultimate car for city as well as highway cruising.

Avis self-drive car gave him the independence to enjoy his passion for traveling at his own pace. The awesome trio started their journey from Delhi covering all the major attractions of the Golden Triangle.

Their first stop was Jaipur, a city painted pink with some of the most colorful bazaars in Rajasthan. With magnificent forts & palaces, they get to dip into the extravagant lifestyle of the Rajput maharajas in Jaipur.

Some other stops in their road trip included Jaiselmer Fort & Amer Fort all of which they covered easily due to their perfect car, which handles perfectly in the city and on the highway.

A heavenly vacation in New Zealand with an Avis self-drive- by Kitty & Navin.

A heavenly vacation in New Zealand with an Avis self-drive- by Kitty & Navin.

Kitty & Navin are a travel blogger couple. They selected Avis self-drive as their travel companion to explore the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand.

They planned their 2-week trip with Avis self-drive so they can visit all the major attractions NZ has to offer. As per their choices, Avis provided them with an SUV car, which is perfect to explore the North Islands of New Zealand and the countryside as well.

They picked up their self-drive car from the Avis Rental point, which was right at the airport. They drove through the stunning Coromandel forest reserve and had dinner at a cozy restaurant.

Their next stop was Cathedral Cove, which is a very popular destination in NZ. They got up early to reach there before the crowd. They get to drive through the sublime forests, mountains, lakes, beaches and fiords, which made NZ one of their best vacations.

Exploring New Zealand with a self-drive was a thrilling experience for them. After all the exploring with Avis car rental in NZ, they surely made some wonderful memories to cherish forever.

Indulging in the classic European beauty of Germany- by Shachi Sharma

Indulging in the classic European beauty of Germany- by Shachi Sharma.

Shachi Sharma is a travel blogger who explored Germany with Avis self-drive. On the first day of her trip, she decided to hire a self-drive car in a quaint little town called Karben, on the outskirts of Frankfurt.

Little did she knew that Avis is one of the few car rental companies that have a pickup station just ten minutes away from Karben at Bad Vilbel. She got the car without any hassle, as Avis do not need an International Driving Permit from Indian license holders.

As per her requirement for the bigger car, we provided her with an Opel Insignia, which is widely known for its long list features & comfort it provides.

Her favorite feature in the car was the sunroof, as she found both the sunsets and roads of Germany splendid. With the freedom it provides, Avis car proved to be the perfect partner for her detours to beautiful & offbeat places.

A solo traveler road trip with Avis self-drive in Belgium- by Aarya Vora

Avis self-drive in Belgium- by Aarya Vora

Aarya Vora is a travel blogger & a solo traveler who prefers to embark on her journeys with just one partner- Avis. For her trip to Belgium, Avis provided her with one of the best luxury car- A Jeep Renegade for the irreplaceable driving experience.

Due to being a solo traveler, she used to face many difficulties during her travel. However, with Avis self-drive, her road trip became so comfortable and joyful experience that she ended up falling in love with self-driving.

By renting a car from Avis, she was no longer dependent on any public transport. As she stated, “when you have your luxury car to travel from Avis, there is no need for anything else to make your journey a memorable one”.

With Avis by their side, they had a journey they will remember for a lifetime. If you too want to travel to a wonderful place and return with such great stories, then you too should become a Chief Adventure Officer (CAO) with Avis.

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