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“Wine is poetry in a bottle” and a winery tour shall be best described as a luxurious visit to the grape vineyards, and a travel into the history of wines.  It is an experience of learning different methods of winemaking and developing exotic flavours.


self drive trip to winery, Bengaluru
Wine tours near Bengaluru | Image source:


In India, the history of producing wine goes back to several years with the coming of European traveller in Mughal Courts. It gained popularity during the Portuguese rule and later during the British rule.

With a history so rich, a process so indulging, an art so refined, and a taste so luring, one can just not afford to miss this exotic experience.

As the best harvest season is knocking at the door, this is the best time to plan an exciting getaway to some of the best vineyards near Bengaluru.  We assure you the experience you’re going to get will leave you enthralled and mesmerized.

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self drive trip to winery, bengaluru - Nandi Hills winery
Winery tour at Nandi Hills, Bengaluru | Image source:


Bengaluru is the second most prominent wine-producing units in India, and Nandi Hills wine tour is one the most recommended tours.

Driving on Bellary Road, Nandi Hills are approximately 62 km from Bengaluru. This is a busy road but you can avoid the rush if you choose early morning hours to travel.

The tour at Nandi Hills will almost last for three hours. It begins with a brief introduction to the interesting world of winemaking through its rich history and cultivation. As you explore more, you will learn about different methods of making wine and about how the varied flavours come into existence. The indulging tour of wine-making will slowly shift your mind away from the everyday chaos of life.

But, the best has been saved for the last. Towards the end of the tour, you will get a chance to taste some of their best wine that will leave you spellbound; with each sip, you will relish the fine mastery of the tenderly aged wines.  Finally, the tour ends with a buffet lunch that shall be enjoyed with soft music and a beautiful overlook of the lush green fields.

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self drive trip to winery, bengaluru - barefoot grape stomping wine tour
Barefoot Grape Stomping Wine Tour | Image source:


Just a drive of 1 hour 45 minutes away from the main city of Bengaluru, this is a fantastic getaway for a small refreshing trip over the weekend. You can get indulge in the barefoot stomping activity in large tubes which are filled with grapes. The stomping experience is synchronized with soothing music and lasts for around 45 minutes.

The visitors recommend that the Barefoot Grape Stomping session is the most enjoyable. After this exciting and fun-filled activity comes the chance of a wine tasting tour. Visitors are taught to differentiate between the assorted flavours of these exotic delicacies. There is a huge variety of wines and you can choose six types of variant flavours to taste. These wines can be enjoyed with lip-smacking food in their in-house restaurant. The guides will help you expand your knowledge about the wines and the intrinsic process of winemaking.

You may wish to carry a light jacket/sweater with you as mornings and evenings are cold along with light and easily dryable towels. There is some great kids’ stuff as well that will keep them occupied and entertained.

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self drive trip to winery, bengaluru - SDU winery
SDU Winery | Image source: Thrillophilia


Situated in the hills along the back roads of the Nandi Valley, SDU Winery is just 75 km away from Bengaluru city. While driving on the peaceful road, you will come across a number of beautiful places to make a halt.

At SDU Vineyards, they say, “wine is passion”. You can taste and savour various wines from the exotic ‘Deva’ portfolio of wines. ‘Deva’ meaning ‘Divine’ is the first brand of wines from SDU Winery.

The wine tasting tour starts with a brief introduction about their chief winemaker and the intriguing winemaking process. After this introductory session, you get a chance to taste some of the most savoured and tantalizing wines right from their collection of exotic and distinctive wines – well balanced white wine, ‘Deva Chardonnay’, vintage red wines, ‘Deva Syrah’ and ‘Deva Cabernet Sauvignon’.

SDU Winery has focused on crafting new age fine wines. Their meticulously cared vineyards offer the perfect combinations of French grape vines, picturesque hillside locations with ideal growing conditions to mesmerize wine tasters and visitors.

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self drive trip to winery, bengaluru - Alpine winery
Alpine Wineries | Image source: alberellovineyards


After completing a drive of almost 140kms, on Bengaluru – Mysore highway, this place enchants every person crossing by. With gentle music of river Cauvery flowing by and a beautiful landscape of hills as the backdrop, this vineyard promises one of the best wine tours around the city.

At Alpine vineyards, get indulge in a wine tasting tour and become a wine connoisseur yourself. You can go through the different intriguing winemaking methods and crafting a variety of exotic wine flavours. You can also plan a night stay as Alpine vineyards offer really good food and a number of interactive and engaging activities. Participate in the unforgettable experiences of this place to get astonished.

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A Winery Tour is truly a distinctive and a wonderful experience. The ambiance of such a place imbibes a sense of royalty in your personality. These tours make you a true connoisseur of wine who knows the art and mastery of crafting one of the finest drinks one has ever sipped before.


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