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Top 5 places to go to by taking a self-drive car rental in Chennai

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Self-driving across cities and places was already a big thing out in the west since decades. However, the self-drive car rental scene has exploded over the recent years in India and now more people are opening to the idea of renting cars for leisure travel. Renting cars for a self-driving experience is the best way to explore different places at one’s will. So, hiring a car rental in Chennai is the best way to traverse what lies within and beyond this beautiful city. It gives you the flexibility and freedom to go anywhere, you can stop where ever you

wish to, have no itinerary to follow and go to places of your choice.  A road trip in a self-driving car gives you the liberty to see a place more closely making you understand it better. You can stop at every intriguing spot, click pictures, chat with locals and delve into authentic cuisine at charming restaurants or cafes that you may see along the way. You can go to places rarely touched or witnessed by commercial or public modes of transport. Here we give you the top 5 places near Chennai that you can visit in your self-driven car and truly feel the essence of travel. 


 car rental in Chennai kanchipuram


This ancient city of Kanchi once served as the capital of the Pallava Dynasty, in now the temple capital of Tamil Nadu. It has numerous temples, but the major ones include the Kailasanathar Temple and the Vaikunta Perumal Temple. The Kailasanthar is one of the oldest structures of Kanchipuram. Being just 73 kms away from Chennai, it is the ideal destination to cover over the weekend. Some of the other famous temples are Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Ekambareswarar Temple, Kamakshi Amman Temple, and Kumarakottam Temple which are some of major Hindu temples in the state. The city is also home to the famous Kanchipuram Silk Sarees that are world famous for their handloom work.   

How to reach: 73 kms from Chennai, takes approx. 2 hours from Chennai to reach Kanchipuram. Hire a car rental in Chennai then take NH-48 connects the Chennai to city.

Best places to visit in Kanchi: Kamakshi Amman Temple, Perumal Temple, Kailasanathar Temple, Devarajaswami Temple, Kanchi Kudhil, Kachapeshwarar Temple, Vaikunda Perumal Temple, Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Jain Temple, Thennangur Panduranga Temple.



vellore car rental in Chennai


The ancient city of Vellore lies on the banks of Palar River in Tamil Nadu and is famous for its leather goods that account for 37% of the leather exports of the country. Vellore is also famous for the Srilakshmi Golden Temple which is totally covered in gold leagf amounting to a total of 1500 kgs. It is one of the main attractions of Vellore. Vellore is just 137 kms away for Chennai and the roads are in good condition for a weekend trip by hiring a car rental in Chennai. Vellore has a lot to explore giving you a glimpse into the ancient cultural and architectural heritage. You can also visit the small hill station of Yelagiri in Vellore which is famous for its trek trails and adventure sport activities like paragliding and rock climbing.

How to reach: 137 kms from Chennai, takes approx. 3.2 hrs to reach Vellore from Chennai. You can take the NH-4 Chennai to Bangalore Highway.

Best places to visit in Vellore: Vellore Fort, Jalakandeswarar Temple, Srilakshmi Golden Temple, Vainu Bappu Observatory, Yelagiri, Delhi Gate.  

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Horsley Hills

Car rental in Chennai Horsley Hills

A famous hill station and tourist spot, Horsley Hills is a series of hills that lie in Andhra Pradesh having a Nature’s retreat for the local flora & fauna. It is just 260 kms away from Chennai making it a perfect destination to go on a weekend if you want to escape from the madness of Chennai. The road from Chennai to Horsley is very pleasant taking you along the Eastern Ghats of Andhra. You are greeted by lush greenery as you drive along the road towards your destination making the drive to Horsley one of the best self-drive routes. Horsley hills has several viewpoints that give you a breath-taking view of the surrounding hills. It also has a few waterfalls, a zoo and wildlife sanctuary making it a perfect paradise for nature lovers. You can also check out some other places to visit in Horsley hills. 

How to reach: 260 kms for Chennai. You can hire a car rental in Chennai taking approx. 6.5 hours to reach Horsley Hills from Chennai. From Chennai, you can take the Poonthamalli High Road, get onto NH4 and drive till Wallajah before Arcot from where you take the route to Chittoor. Stay on NH4 till Palamaner and turn right onto NH219. Stay on NH219 till Madanapalle. Take right onto NH205 and Horsley Hills is 16 km from here.

Best places to visit in Horsley Hills: Mallamma Temple, Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Thalakona Waterfalls, Kaigal Waterfalls, Gangotri Lake, Horsley Hills Zoo, Wind rocks, View Point.  



car rental in Chennai yercaud

This hill station in Tamil Nadu is located in the Eastern Ghats and is famous for its coffee plantations. It takes you into the midst of nature and wildlife giving you a proper feel of the mother nature’s delights. It is also perfect for a great driving experience as this town has a 32 km loop road that begins from the Yercaud lake leading to the villages of Semmantham, Nagalur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak while taking you across the length & breath of plantations in Yercaud. Driving on this road is a pleasure as it is smooth and filled of twist and turns giving you a unique glimpse of the famous coffee plantations and thick bamboo forests. It has everything to delight you from caves to waterfalls to forests and numerous plantations. Yercaud is just perfect for a weekend road trip as it is just 366 kms away from Chennai and the conditions of the roads is very good for a great road tripping experience.

How to Reach: 366 kms from Chennai, takes approx. 6.5 hrs to reach Yercaud from Chennai. You can take a car rental in Chennai and then the route to Krishnagiri. After that you can take the NH7 from Krishnagiri to Yercaud.

Best places to visit in Yercaud: Yercaud Lake, 32 km loop road, Pagoda Point, Silk Farms, Bears Cave, Kottachedu Teak forest, Kiliyur Waterfall, Deer Park, The Grange, Lady’s Seat, Orchidarium, Norton’s Bungalow   


Car rental in Chennai kurnool


If you are longing for a nature’s retreat after a hectic week at work and want to see some wild animals in action, then Kurnool is just right for you to go on a weekend getaway from Chennai. Being 506 kms away from Chennai makes Kurnool the perfect destination to go on a road trip by hiring a self-drive car rental in Chennai. The roads are in very good condition and you can reach Kurnool via Kanchipuram – Chittoor – Kadappa. Kurnool has the Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary that is the natural habitat of the Great Indian Bustard, Lesser Florican. It is also home to the Bonnet Macaques, Jungle Cats, Sloth Bears, Black Bucks, Russell’s Viper, Indian Cobra and many more species. Kurnool also has several temples, caves, rock gardens and forts. The Belum caves near Kurnool are the longest caves of India and are worth the visit for their stalactite & stalagmite formations that make the unique shapes which you don’t get to see every day.

How to reach: 457 kms from Chennai, takes approx. 9.5 hrs to reach from Chennai. You can take NH-40 to reach Kurnool or take the route via KanchiPuram to Chittoor.

Best places to Visit in Kurnool: Belum Caves, Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary, Oravakallu Rock Garden, Yaganti, Buddha Statue, Konda Reddy Fort, Alampur.

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