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delhi to shimla distance

Delhi to Shimla Distance by Road: Places to Visit and Travel Information

Posted by Avis on January 13, 2023 | people viewed

The northern region of India encompasses the lovely hill hamlet of Shimla. Its distinctiveness attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. This is the reason the location receives countless visitors throughout the year. Often referred to as the “Queen of the Himalayas,” Delhi to Shimla travel is extremely popular all year long and traveling by car from Delhi to Shimla is unquestionably the most exotic option.

If you want to experience the winter cold, you should rent a premium car from Avis India in the months of December and January, when Shimla experiences the magical sight of snowfall.

Distance between Delhi to Shimla by Road347 kms
Distance between Delhi to Shimla by Flight277 kms
Distance between Delhi to Shimla by Train344 kms
Time Taken Delhi to Shimla by Road8 hr 40 min
Time Taken Delhi to Shimla by Flight1 Hour 05 minutes
Best Month to Visit in ShimlaMarch to June

Delhi to Shimla Distance


Table of Contents

  1. Delhi to Shimla Distance
  2. Here are some ways to travel to this city: Distance between Delhi to Shimla
  3. Exciting Locations for a Road Trip from Delhi to Shimla
  4. Places to eat in Shimla
  5. Why book a car rental from Avis?
  6. Final Thoughts

What Time is the Best Visit Delhi to Shimla By Car?

Delhi to Shimla Distance by car is 347 kms

Delhi to Shimla flight Distance is 277 kms

A road trip from Delhi to Shimla by premium Car Rental also guarantees that you can be flexible with the itinerary and make pit stops to spice up your journey. The perfect season to arrange a road trip from Delhi to Shimla is between March and June because the weather is favorable, making for a relaxing lengthy ride with the hills’ natural beauty being in full bloom. Around 20 degrees Celsius is the usual temperature at this time, which is mild enough for outdoor activities

like sightseeing. Additionally, you can also schedule your trip during the holiday season, which is December and January, if you want to experience the winter chills.

Here are Some Ways to Travel to This City: Distance between Delhi to Shimla

Distance between Delhi to Shimla

Delhi to Shimla Distance by Train

The distance between Delhi and Shimla can also be covered by train. Although there aren’t any direct trains from Delhi to Shimla, you can take an express train from Delhi to Kalka, and then from Kalka, you can take single-gauge trains. You can find the best prices for train reservations by visiting the Indian Railways website or any other online travel site. Depending on the railway, the travel time can be between 10 to 23 hours.

Delhi to Shimla Flight

You can book a flight to travel from Delhi to Shimla, from the SLV airport in Shimla you can book a car rental service from Avis India in order to reach the Shimla city center. Depending on the airline route, a flight lasts an average of 1 to 2 hours.

Delhi to Shimla Distance by Car

The well-known leisure stops along the Karnal Highway between Delhi and Shimla are some of the best pit stops in Northern India. The excellent route to cover the Delhi to Shimla distance by traveling in a chauffeur driven premium Car Rental in Chandigarh by Avis India makes your travel memorable.

From Delhi, go to Panipat – Karnal – Kurukshetra – Ambala – Pinjore – Kasauli – Shimla.

This is one of the fastest and shortest road routes from Delhi to Shimla, allowing you to get there in 7-8 hours via NH 44, 152, and 5.

A premium SUV or sedan from Avis India can cover 347 kilometers from Delhi to Shimla with ease and style, providing the freedom to see a wide range of destinations along the way.

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Exciting Locations for a Road Trip from Delhi to Shimla

Kalesar National Park

This national park, which is covered by thick forests, is close to Yamuna Nagar. Visit this area and go on a jungle safari to see different kinds of animals such as leopards, deer, sambar, pythons, king cobras, and many birds. In the forest, hiking is another enjoyable activity.

Rock Garden, Chandigarh

Rock Garden, Chandigarh

This is a top-notch tourist destination in Chandigarh where you may witness incredible craftsmanship. Items in this garden were inventively crafted from waste and biodegradable materials.

Christ Church, Kasauli

This medieval British church in Kasauli is adorned with magnificent murals that draw attention from onlookers.

Chail Sanctuary

Navigate your way to Chail, which is located a few kilometers before Shimla. European Red Deer, Himalayan Black Bears, Golden Eagles, leopards, and other animals can all be seen in this area.

Jyotisar, Kurukshetra

This is one of the sacred locations in Kurukshetra, which is well-known for being the location where Lord Krishna delivered the Gita’s discourses during the Mahabharata.

Best Places to Visit in Delhi to Shimla

  • Along with several iconic dhabas, the Delhi-Shimla route is home to a respectable number of fine dining establishments, with The Flavours at the Best Western, Zirakpur serving as the crowning jewel. The staff at The Flavours goes above and beyond by tailoring meals to the preferences of their patrons, and the small and cozy atmosphere only serves to get you ready for the long road ahead.
  • Giani Da Dhaba, one of the oldest dhabas along the route, is a favorite among local tourists and celebrities. In the midst of the hills, Giani Da Dhaba serves mouthwatering vegetarian cuisine and is home to the most famous rajma chawal on the entire route. The restaurant is always crowded, so you might have to wait a while, but the food and the view make it all worthwhile in the end.
  • For families and large groups, Amrik Sukhdev in Sonipat, Haryana, is a well-known and bustling highway side restaurant featuring a multi-cuisine buffet and a la carte menu.


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Why book a car rental from Avis?

You can book chauffeur driven car rental in Delhi for Airport and Railway Transfers, Intercity Transfers, Outstation transport and One-way intercity transfers. Avis car rental offers the best chauffeur driven service for your trip to Shimla from Delhi with English-speaking verified chauffeurs. We have listed some specialties that make us stand out in the car rental industry:

  1. You can book a car from our wide range of car options from economical and well-maintained hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs, and MUVs.
  2. Our professionally trained & verified chauffeurs speak English, are punctual, and courteous and have insights into the local areas.
  3. To ensure a reliable & comfortable ride for our lady travelers, we have equipped our premium cars with SOS Button, 24/7 Customer Support and Call-In Lady traveler service, ensuring a safe passage to their desired location.
  4. GPS and WiFi-enabled cars available in 19 cities
  5. AVIS offers an option to customize the booking period for travelers who need specific cars for long durations.

Final Thoughts

The journey from Delhi to Shimla in a premium chauffeur driven car rental will be thrilling and adventurous, and you’ll witness a lot of beautiful sceneries, Instagram-able photo opportunities, and hidden jewels on your excursions and explorations. Everything depends on what you wish to discover when traveling to this magnificent hill station. Book a chauffeur driven car rental from Avis today with the code VAVISCD30 and get 30% off on your trip from Delhi to Shimla.

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