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Road trips to plan in April

Best road trips in India to plan in April

Posted by Avis on April 14, 2019 | people viewed

Where many just dream of a fascinating road trip, there are many who experience this journey of a lifetime. And I am sure you must have heard from someone in your circle boasting about their time on the road.

Summer is already here and before it gets too hot to handle, here are a few road trips that you can plan in April.

1. Delhi to Leh Highway:

Delhi to Leh
Delhi to Leh Road trip

The most celebrated road trip in April, Delhi to Leh is one of the most cherished dreams for many. Due to harsh weather and road shutdown, Leh is inaccessible for most of the year and this month marks the beginning of tourist season in Ladakh and the place lights with tourist activities.

Driving non-stop for 25 hours is not an easy job so you can cover this trip in two sets; Delhi to Manali and Manali to Leh.

Though the roads may seem impassable and tricky on your way to Leh, the awesome scenic beauty makes up for it. Wouldn’t it be fun to cruise along that road in all its snowy glory in a car or jeep?

Hire a car in Delhi with driver from Avis and begin your journey early morning. Load yourself with the stuffed paranthas at Murthal and Get Set Go!

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Time to visit: April- September

Time: 25 hours

Distance: 1,019 km

National Highway: NH 1 & NH 21

2. Mumbai to Goa:

Mumbai to Goa Roadtrip
Mumbai to Goa Road trip

Though the movie, Dil Chahta Hai released almost 20 years ago, till date it has a great impact on our lives and is considered one of the best road trip in April. Goa had always been a desirable destination for the most and this movie made it even more fascinating.

Goa is all lit up from December to January and is crowded with the people from across the country for New Year celebrations. So, planning a trip at that time without prior reservations and advance planning is not possible. Plan a trip between March to June if you are averse to being a part of a crowd.

Time: 10 hours 41 minutes via the Pune-Kolhapur Route

Distance: 590 km 

National Highway: NH 4 or NH 66

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Rent a car from Avis Mumbai, tune into Dil Chahta Hai rhythm and live your best dream.

3. Chennai to Pondicherry:

Chennai to Pondicherry Roadtrip
Chennai to Pondicherry Roadtrip
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South India’s most popular road trip from Chennai to Pondicherry is the beautiful East coast Road that runs along the Bay of Bengal Coastline.

From January until April is a good time to go on this road trip as after that summer heat won’t let this trip happen. It is one of the best road trips in India as you discover beautiful beaches, temples, villages, monolithic structures and so much more.

Time: 3 hours 31 minutes

Distance: 158 km

Relish the regional flavours in the authentic seafood at many restaurants along the shoreline. To have that perfect stylish vacation, do not forget to pack a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Rent a car in Chennai and set your sail on one of the most beautiful coastlines of India.

4. Hyderabad to Kannur:

Roadtrip-from-Hyderabad to Kannur
Road trip from Hyderabad to Kannur
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Hyderabad has plenty of options to set yourself on a road trip. One of the beautiful and the best road trips that connect two of the most beautiful states are Hyderabad to Kannur. Begin your journey from the city of Nizams and cover the beautiful route surrounded by plenty of greenery and dotted with enough places to try out the delicious local cuisine.

Time: 14 hours 15 minutes

Distance: 899 km

National Highway: NH 7

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The road from Hyderabad to Bangalore is smooth and you may experience a bit of a rocky ride at Virajpet. Till the time you reach Kannur, you must be exhausted but calm and quiet beaches there are enough to enliven your tired soul.

Kannur is India’s most popular nature’s retreat and to attain that pleasure you shouldn’t wait. Hire a car from Hyderabad and hit the road that takes you through the land of historical influences to the serene, private beaches of Kannur.


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