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Delhi to Dalhousie Distance by Road Trip - AVIS INDIA

Delhi to Dalhousie Distance by Road, Ultimate Guide for Selecting a Car- AVIS INDIA

Posted by Avis on February 12, 2020 | people viewed

Cruising down the highways certainly puts everyone in the best mode. For someone who loves driving, the Delhi-Dalhousie road trip is a trip to paradise. Dalhousie, the high-altitude town falls in the state of Himachal Pradesh which is about 560 km from Delhi by road. The adventure lovers can explore and relish every bit of it in the 11 hours of Delhi-Dalhousie road trip via the scenic NH1. 

Best Time to visit dalhousie

There are two ways you can take to reach the beautiful hills of Dalhousie from Delhi. One goes via Ambala – Ludhiana – Jalandhar – Pathankot. The first route is more comfortable as the roads have four lanes and are well-maintained. The alternate option is via Chandigarh crossing Jassur which is a longer route and less recommended. 

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Best Time to visit dalhousie

the best time to visit Dalhousie is between March and June, when the hill-station is bathed by the warmth of the summer sun.

Traveling from Delhi to Dalhousie by car

So, if you’re ready for the Delhi Dalhousie road-trip, the following details will sure come in handy for selecting a car to do the same. Check out for our self-drive car rental in Delhi and get along the smooth journey.

The road from Delhi to Dalhousie is a scenic route with interesting stops. The road passes through the Delhi-NKR region, the northern plains and finally leads to the greener and clearer areas of the lower Himalayas with uninterrupted views of mountains, valleys and alpine forests. With our Delhi to Dalhousie travel packages, you can customize your entire trip, create a comfortable itinerary and enjoy the thrill that a classic road trip should have.

 Delhi to Dalhousie Distance  :

This is the shortest and fastest driving route to cover Delhi to Dalhousie distance of 576 KM.  It takes about 11:30 to 12:30 hours to reach Dalhousie from Delhi depending on traffic availability and Delhi to Dalhousie Distance by Flight is 452 Kms and Travel Time from Delhi to Dalhousie by Road is 9:33 hrs

delhi to dalhousie distance -AVIS INDIA


How to Reach Dalhousie from Delhi

You can travel the Delhi to Dalhousie distance by bus, trains or flights.

Delhi to dalhousie train

There is no direct train to Dalhousie. So, if you want to travel to Dalhousie, you have to go to the nearest railway station, Pathankot. You can then rental a Car or bus that runs regularly from Pathankot to Dalhousie.

Delhi to dalhousie Bus

Dalhousie is one of the hill stations, so it will take more time to reach Dalhousie. The journey from delhi to dalhousie train takes nine hours. And the distance between these two is 595 km. Alternatively, you can take a taxi, your own car or a two-wheeler to cover this distance.

Delhi to dalhousie Flight

There are no direct Delhi to Dalhousie flights. Take a flight from IGI Airport in Delhi to Pathankot which takes about 1 hr 20 min to 1 hr 50 min on the flight journey.

Selecting a Car




Our outstation car rentals are something you can depend on for all your road trips. AVIS is a clear car rental leader for an outstation road trip. We have a range of cars to select from as per your expediency. You can select the car based on your comfort, the utility and the capacity of the car. 


AVIS INDIA provides you with options of Hatchback, Sedan and SUV cars. The Hatchback is recommended for a small family – best for couples to use it for a wonderful long drive experience. Sedan cars are heavily equipped with various features for your convenience, suitable for 2 or 3 passengers. SUV’s like Innova car rentals are the spacious cars with enough space for 4 luggage and 6 passengers for a long family vacation. Click here to check out all the car options available with AVIS. 

You also have an option to choose from Chauffeur-driven cars from Delhi which means get a spacious Innova car rental with a professional driver. For your luxurious Delhi-Dalhousie road trip, a car with a driver will surely give you a breathing space to recharge yourself for the breath-taking activities on the hill station.

The Delhi-Dalhousie Road Trip

Dalhousie Road Trip

With your ride sorted out, set out to the Delhi-Dalhousie road trip with AVIS car rental in Chandigarh. On the Ludhiana route, your journey time will be 11 hours including the mid-breaks. Once you start the journey, take your first break at Murthal about 40 km from Delhi to taste the finger-licking cuisines of North India. Sukhdev Dhaba is one of the famous food chains in Murthal. Garam Dharam is another option for foodies with the proper Dhaba ambiance but only if you have the patience to wait for your food as this place is usually crowded.

After that awesome feast, you just need to relax and enjoy the journey for 162 km till Ambala where you can take a short break. Then you can shift the gears and move ahead towards Pathankot crossing Ludhiana and Jalandhar. The journey from Pathankot to Dalhousie will make you witness some breath-taking views. 

The moment you enter Himachal, you can feel Heaven. The natural beauty of this state is so relaxing, you will never feel the travel fatigue even if you opted for a self-drive car.


Places to visit in Dalhousie

Khajjiar is a small town near Dalhousie which you can’t afford to miss. A visit to this place will make you realize the reason behind the place being termed as ‘Mini Switzerland’. Satdhara falls, Panchpula, Kalatop Sanctuary, Dainkund Peak are some of the other attractions to visit in Dalhousie. Don’t forget to pack your trekking bags as you cannot ask for anything better than this place for mountaineering. River rafting options are available within 1km. There is a never-ending list of tourist attractions places in this city.  Follow our next blog to get details on places to visit in Dalhousie.

And there you are! The 11 hours of the journey has brought you to a new world. Don’t believe me? Go yourself and witness the beauty of this place. Plan your weekend with AVIS car rental from Delhi to live the virtual tour of Delhi-Dalhousie road trip you experienced in the last two minutes. Don’t forget to share your experience and suggestions in the comment section below.. 


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