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Tips to Survive a Road Trip as a Couple – Avis

Posted by Avis on February 17, 2020 | people viewed

What are you planning post-Valentine’s Day to continue your valentine phase? How about a Romantic long-drive in a luxurious car to express your love in a unique way? I am sure you must have been planning for this but buying a new car goes out of the budget.

Don’t worry we have effective and pocket-friendly solutions to make your road trip more romantic. But first, check out this blog for tips to survive a road trip as a couple

Traveling with your loved ones can be fun as you get to create unforgettable memories together that last life-long, but there’s a catch. You have to be prepared for some adjustments and sacrifices to survive your first road trip as a couple or get ready to face some issues throughout the journey. 

Being curbed in a car for long hours at a time can work two ways – either bring you closer or vice-versa. During your first road trip as a couple, You both must be on the same page throughout the journey. Hence, ensure that you talk over with your companion on a few things for better planning and execution. 

The car you choose plays an important role here as comfort matters a lot in the long-hour journey. Look out for spacious vehicles like Innova car rental or SUVs for a comfortable drive and some extra space for the souvenirs from your first road trip as a couple.

What measures should be taken to survive a road trip as a couple?

Long journey traveling always demands extensive planning to avoid any hassles. And if it’s a romantic trip, you need to be extra cautious as you both are responsible for each other’s happiness. Follow these tips to survive the road trip with your favorite person.

1. Plan your routes and stops

Planning together adds on to the excitement. Long-drive is not just about driving; you also need to take impromptu breaks to enjoy the views together. It refreshes the body and mind to continue the journey with the same passion. Advance planning of these stops will work towards a smoother journey and avoid last minute hassle of looking for stop points. 


2. Beat the Hunger

Carry plenty of light snacks to keep your tummy full to avoid hunger thumps in the midst of the journey and ensure to pack snacks adored by both of you. Don’t forget to carry sanitizers or wet wipes. 


3. Fight the Weather Together

 Not all humans are the same; you would be loving the cold weather but the other person might feel uncomfortable. Hence, it’s better to carry a blanket or just pack some warm clothes for times when the weather doesn’t act in your favor.  You can also keep an electric blanket as an option for cold destinations.  


4. Plug the Phones

 Keep the phones fully charged as you will need them for directions, entertainment and being in touch. Get a charger with multiple ports so both of you can charge at the same time. It would also help charge any other device which you would be carrying for entertainment purpose.

5. Entertain each other

 You need to devote some time before you start your trip to make a romantic playlist for a couple. Check out for your partner’s favorites and play them first to set the mood.

You can also play some games and talk to each other. Talking about old memories, like your first meet or so lightens up the mood and gets you closer. Most importantly, avoid getting engrossed in your phones when your partner is driving. 


6. Take the Driving charge Alternately

When you feel your partner is exhausted, don’t wait for him or her to express. Ask them to get off the driving seat and you take the charge till they relax. It will show that you are trying to give a helping hand and unknowingly expressing your love. You can ask the partner to take back the charge once he or she is comfortable driving again.


7. Bad Odour Can Spoil the Ambiance

 Bad odors are mood spoilers on road trips for couples. Avoid consuming oily or smelly food inside the car. Carry an extra air freshener just-in-case to set the mood.   

8. Be the Tom & Jerry

 It is ok to have contradictory thoughts and small arguments over them but dragging them can mess up your voyage. Don’t let misunderstandings ruin your trip. Be like Tom & Jerry – don’t let the fight apart you. With these small fights, enjoy the twists and turns of your trip in our spacious vehicles. Make sure to rent an SUV or MUV like Innova car rental, so you guys have some extra breathing space.

9. Fuel it Up

 Don’t wait until the eleventh hour to fuel up the car. Imagine you enthralled in driving at a speed of 120km/hour and the gaslight blinks and you don’t foresee a gas station. This can lead to serious panic causing conflicts. The best thing is to fill up when your car is Half full. 

Now you are ready to survive a fun-filled road trip as a couple with your companion. To make sure that love doesn’t fade away after Valentine’s Day, start planning now for the long-awaited romantic long drive. By employing these clear tips & clear Car rental services from Avis, you will enjoy a perfect road trip with your partner.

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