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foreign tourists to drive in India

The Ultimate Guide for Foreign Tourists to Drive in India

Posted by Avis on March 28, 2020 | people viewed

India is certainly one of the best destinations around the globe. Be it any state of the country, it is always ready to welcome foreign tourists and relish its delightful attractions. But travel in India never remains confined to a particular city. So that means you have to get some wheels to make the most of your trip. 

The best option is to go for a rental car service and hire a car rental. The majority of foreign visitors hire car rental services with a driver to take them around, which is often much safer and fairly inexpensive. You can hire both Self Drive & Chauffeur Drive with AVIS Car Rental, the only car rental company in India to offer both.

If you love to drive, look out for self-drive cars in India to relish the contentment of driving on the streets of India. That way, you get to explore the destinations at your convenience. Furthermore, if you have any doubts regarding car rental in India, this blog will have you covered.

Being a foreign tourist, will I be allowed to drive in India? 

Yes, as long as you have a valid international driving license for India, you can drive in any state of India. You can obtain it from any Regional Transport Office of the respective state. The process usually realizes between five to ten working days.

Documents for getting an International Driving License

  • Birth Certificate
  • Address proof
  • Passport
  • Visa for India
  • Driving license of your country 
  • Passport-size photographs


Driving in India is not as easy as it appears, you need to get hold of some tips to ensure you match up the localities in every aspect of driving. So finding the perfect mode of travel will play an important part in making the most of your trip. 

Those who want to travel in comfort can ride in Chauffeur Drive car rental and those who like to take a challenge can drive to their destination with AVIS Self Drive in India. Here is an ultimate guide for foreign tourists to drive in India.

Right Hand Drive

Indian cars have a right-hand drive and if you are from a country having left-hand drive cars, this can be a bit difficult primarily. But it would be a matter of a few hours’ drives after which you will get well-versed with the right-hand applications. 

Manual Cars

Most of the cars in India run on manual gears unlike automated cars in foreign countries. Get familiar with the operation of a manual car before you get on the roads.

Prepare yourself for the Traffic

Traffic is not something unknown to anybody but the chaotic scenes on Indian roads are surely going to make you crazy. The slow-moving traffic and widespread jams during peak hours would demand endless patience and mental presence. 

Stay Alert

It is believed that if you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the traffic lane discipline is not so good as compared to western countries. It should not come to you as a surprise seeing vehicles traveling in the opposite direction or overtaking from the wrong side. Over-speeding and ignoring traffic lights are the common non-followed rules by many. You have to keep all your senses alert to avoid any kind of mishap.

Honk till they react

Honking is surely not a practice recommended in any country, but in India, people react only when you Honk. Also, stop reacting to every horn as it is a normal practice and there is nothing to come under pressure or feel affronted. Expecting some improvements in this matter, but as of now, it’s the horn that talks for you on the roads. 

Follow the traffic lights

There is nothing unique about it, just do it the way you do it in your country. The penalty for not following traffic rules applies when caught by the cops. Also, don’t forget to wear your seatbelts irrespective of the adjacent car driver following the same or not. People in India fail to realize that it is for your safety and not a shield to escape the traffic penalization.

Do not try to overtake Buses and Trucks

Give way to Buses and Trucks as they are rash drivers and don’t bother about anything. There is no way you can match their way of driving and even if you try, you might end up hurting yourself. As a decent citizen, it’s better to give them the right to way for a safe drive.

Night driving 

Don’t experiment with your driving skills at night as you will meet many careless drivers especially the trucks approaching you with a strong beam of light driving at a speed beyond their control. Arguing with them or trying to prove your point would just lead to a disobliging discussion with no gain.

Every country has its own precedent of driving but one thing that remains common is safety. Be careful when you drive, irrespective of the country you are driving. When you opt for a self-drive, your safety remains in your hands – Stay safe, Live Long!


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