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BMW, Mercedes Chauffeur Driven Cars for your Special Occasions

Posted by Avis on March 21, 2020 | people viewed

Special occasions are a part of our life that needs to be lived in a way to create an array of memories for future reference. Apart from the inhouse preparations, a substantial thing that remains a major element in every event is the ride.

Be it a wedding, the much-awaited get-together, birthday or any occasion that is close to your heart, you have to ensure you get the best ride to live it to the fullest. So why not hire a luxury Chauffeur Driven car for your special occasion to ensure everything runs smoothly? 

With a Chauffeur Driven car, you won’t miss out on anything in the zest of managing your special moment. And what else would you ask for if you get the best of luxury cars like a Mercedes or a BMW? Doesn’t it sound interesting? 

With AVIS Chauffeur Driven car rental, you can! You can hire a luxury car rental in Delhi, Bangalore and 17 other cities. AVIS fleet has BMW, Mercedes high-end luxury cars which are perfect for your special occasions, be it a wedding or an event. 

Luxury Chauffeur Driven car as a wedding car rental 

Everyone wants to make their D-day special, but what is it that can add the extra magic to your looks on your special day? How about arriving in style in a voguish car giving a unique charm to your wedding look? It’s the luxurious car that will make all the difference and if it is a chauffeured one, that’s a cherry on the cake. It’s you and your classic entry in a luxurious Chauffeur Driven car that would steal the show. Think about it! 

Furthermore, you have someone to help you guide throughout your wedding process including church or temple visits, various photo sessions, wedding, reception and all this will happen in style and ultimate comfort.


Whether you want a BMW or a Mercedes or any other luxurious car of your choice, we manage your requests and present it at your service. We provide a range of attractive and high-performance luxury vehicles for you to create that flawless impression in front of your guests.

Why hire Chauffeur Driven car for special occasions?

Hiring Chauffeur Driven car for special occasions has a list of benefits apart from a comfortable and luxurious drive. Occasions are associated with relatives and guest who need special attention and managing everyone’s need becomes difficult because of your tight schedule. 

But when you have a Chauffeur Driven car, you don’t need to worry about it as the chauffeur will do the job for you. He will pick up the guests from their respective sources. And guess what – they would never complain as they are getting the most luxurious service around.

Nothing can beat the pleasure of traveling in a Chauffeur Driven car. We also have the airport chauffeur service to escort your respective guests arriving from different parts of the country.

We provide highly trained and experienced chauffeurs to ensure the ride is smooth and comfortable. Moreover, when you hire a chauffeur car, there is much more reliability at your disposal. You don’t have to worry about anything related to the car as you have a proficient, looking after it. Special occasions include transactions of luxurious assets increasing the probability of theft during transportation. Here, hiring a chauffeur car leaves you worry-free in all aspects, all you have to do is enjoy your event. 


There are times when you don’t want to use your car for large-scale events for numerous reasons. Hiring a Chauffeur Driven Mercedes or BMW can be the best option to create that style statement in front of your friends and relatives. You get to live and show-off a luxurious life without buying one.

You just have to pay small rental services for a lifestyle you have been craving for a long time. By doing that, you not only save money but also create a life-long impression on your guests crafting special memories of your event.

Special occasions demand special cars. Don’t settle down on a low-budget car as very few events hold that special place in your life. Hire the Chauffeur Driven car for special occasions to express it in style and adore the unforgettable and flattering experience.


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