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Food Travels: Best Destinations to Savor Different Types of Food in India

Posted by Avis on December 30, 2019 | people viewed

Why do you think humans feel the need to travel? Is it to explore new places or to enjoy the different types of food? Well, the latter sounds more reasonable because food lovers can go anywhere to satisfy their hunger for a delicious meal. 

Almost every state in India owns a long list of authentic delicacies that you will find nowhere but there. If you cannot help but smile every time you hear someone mention food, then you should add these stops to the list of places you must visit at least once. 

So if you are ready for a masaledaar ride across this country to enjoy the different types of food in India, Check out this list of 7 best different types of food in India to take your taste buds on a hefty ride with AVIS Self-drive.

1. Amritsar

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If you love to enjoy ample butter with everything, this city should be your top food destination in India. Amritsari food is famous and known to everyone, especially because of its taste and traditional ingredients. 

Everything in this city revolves around food- be it socializing or festivities. Dal Makhani, lassi, jalebi, you can have it all in this food paradise. 

But, there is one delicacy among the greatest Indian cuisine, which is Amritsari Chur Chur Naan and one must not leave Amritsar without having this delicacy.


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2. Lucknow

famous dish of Lucknow Galauti-Kabab

Lucknow catches the attention of desi food lovers at first glance. Known across the country for its incredible varieties of Non-veg & sweet cuisines, it is one of the most sought after food destinations in India.  

A paradise among the different types of food in India, this city offers scrumptious Galouti-Kabab and Nahari Kulcha & so much more to its travelers.

We should thank the Mughals for these scrumptious Awadhi cuisines & Kebabs. And if you want to add more flavors into your holidays, try Kabab-Paratha, Biryani, or Tandoori Chicken. For sweet lovers, you should not miss tasting the authentic Kulfi, Ghazak, Rewri, and special Meetha Pan.  

3. Kolkata

Bengali Rasgulla

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind whenever they hear the word Kolkata is, Bengali Rasgulla. These two have become a synonym of each other but there are more this city can offer to your taste buds. 

As one of the best food destinations in India, this city offers a never-ending list of cuisines. Apart from Rasgulla, you can also try different varieties of Chops and Cutlets (veg, chicken, egg), Bhetki Macher Paturi and Kosha Mangsho. 

Whether it is the Tibetan food in Tiretta Bazaar or the street food in Dalhousie, Kolkata delights every desi food lover, every time. 

4.  Hyderabad

famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

When you are traveling to the city of Nizams, the one Dum that never disappoints is the world-famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Even the name of this dish can set the fire to your taste buds. 

Known for its finger-licking masaledaar taste, it is one of the most scrumptious food items of India. But that’s not all Hyderabad has to offer! The other delicacies available in Hyderabad are the Haleem, Paaya, Hyderabadi Marag, etc. 

You are sure to come back for more after enjoying the different types of food in India, especially after experiencing the Hyderabadi Kachche Gosht ki Biryani.

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5.  Mumbai

famous dish of Lucknow Galauti-Kabab

Mumbai street food is as exhilarating as it is mouthwatering. Not only will you have a chance to taste some incredibly flavorful combinations, but the aura of Mumbai is something else.

From high-end gourmet bistros to famous street joints, from Sushi to Misel Pav, this city serves almost every kind of Indian food. 

And if you are a Non-veg lover, do not miss the Chicken tikka rolls at Bademiya, Keema Pav at Olympia Coffee House, or Crab at Mahesh Lunch Home.

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6.  Jammu & Kashmir

Dum Aloo

A paradise on earth is also a paradise for Indian food lovers. Attracting foodists from across the globe, Kashmir offers lots of vegetarian delicacies like Kashmir special Dum Aloo, Gogji Nadir, Al-Yakhni, as well as non-vegetarian like Rogan Josh & Gustaba. 

If you want to experience the royal Kashmiri dine, you have to try Wazwan, the most popular multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine. And don’t forget to try the succulent & gravy enriched Rista, which will mesmerise you. 

7.  Delhi

Delhi Chaat

The capital of India is also the food capital of India. With a surplus of dishes from Chole-Bature, Chaats, Butter Chicken to Rajma Chawal and Parathe, Delhi is an ideal stop to enjoy different types of food in India at its best. 

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With a long list of popular restaurants and street food joints, there is not one food item you won’t find in this city. And while you are there, you must not miss the famous street foods of Delhi such as Alu-Tikki, Chaat, Gol Gappe. 

To better understand the greatness of different types in India that everyone we adore so much, you must make a stop in the streets of Delhi. 

Now that you have all the details, do not just sit there reading such blogs that leave you wanting for more. Rather pack up your bags, hire an self-drive car rental and start a road trip to savor the different types of food in India!

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