Food Travels: Best Destinations to Savor Different Types of Food in India

Posted By Avis on December 30, 2019
Why do you think humans feel the need to travel? Is it to explore new places or to enjoy the different types of food? Well, the latter sounds more reasonable because food lovers can go anywhere to satisfy their hunger ...
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Road Trip in Canada with AVIS | Making Memories on Self-Drive Cars

Posted By Avis on December 11, 2019
An incredible road trip with Avis self-drive across the most diverse country that is Canada It was such a great experience to host this super explorer mother-son duo. They aim to inspire other parents with their travel experience and top ...
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The Luxurious Road Trip with Chauffeur Driven Car Rental in Rajasthan

Posted By Avis on June 20, 2019
Bonnie Rakhit is a Travel expert and blogger from London.  As an Avis CAO, she decided to take the ultimate luxury trip across India with Avis car rental in Rajasthan. Although the best-touted route for the said road trip ...
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Top 5 places to go on a road trip in a chauffeur driven car

Posted By Avis on May 8, 2019
Travel is one of the most enjoyable activities giving you an array of experiences that opens new horizons. One of the most important things while going on a road trip is choosing the right mode of transportation. The transport should ...
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Top 7 Hill Stations to Travel to in a Chauffeur Driven Car

Posted By Avis on March 4, 2019
Nowadays the trend of self-driven cars is growing and is becoming popular day by day. However, driving through, the Indian Roads and the traffic jams they are infamous for makes self-driving a dreadful experience for some. If dodging the potholes ...
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