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Hire Self Drive Car on Rent in Delhi

Posted by Avis on November 30, 2021 | people viewed

Delhi is a lively city with high streets, tourist spots, places of political significance along with luxury hotels and multinationals, and more. It is natural for a tourist to get lost in the crowd unless of course, they have luxury in the name of AVIS at their service. In case you are planning an exclusive voyage in and around Delhi, hiring a luxury chauffeur-driven car rental can be a perfect idea. AVIS offers luxury cars on rent in Delhi NCR. A chauffeur-driven rented car is unassuming and gives you the flexibility to move around wherever you want. You are extraordinary and you deserve the best, steer clear from falling for run-of-the-mill car rentals offered in the hotel packages. As tempting as it may sound, you can anytime head to your favourite restaurant while in the lap of luxury inside an AVIS lush car.

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On the wheel
AVIS lends you the much-needed wings when you are in a foreign city; it makes you a free spirit, an outlaw living on the edge, thus choosing your own path and timings. For those wide roads and smooth long drives only, AVIS qualifies. AVIS provides a car rental experience with new features through its mobile application enabling customers to upgrade a rental by swiping and making rental effortless and smoother

Working away from home sure has its perks but it increases commutation time, and you are no more deciding your routine. This, after a while, can be challenging especially when you are on a business tour and have a line-up of meetings awaiting you. The situation is no stranger to you. You may have experienced this pressure earlier. Thus, renting a chauffeur-driven car can be an excellent way to cover various meetings in one go while you prepare for that business meeting from the backseat. AVIS App has been recognized with high honors from satisfied customers, consumer organizations, as well as industry associations.

There are some of the best Delhi car rental deals available with them. These are sometimes in the form of discounts, upgrades, increased mileage, or delivery. AVIS delivers your cars in perfect condition as it is the original owner of each vehicle and has complete maintenance records for its vehicles and will provide them to potential buyers.

Steering clear of COVID

In the scenario of Covid doing the rounds, those of you who do not own a personal vehicle may be in search of a safe and comfortable means of transportation that can secure all your travel plans. The key is to opt for a private vehicle not just with opulence but protection too. Amidst such times, one safe, reliable, and affordable option is to hire a self-drive car on rent in Delhi or a chauffeur-driven car from AVIS which follows the highest standard of sanitization. If you are the adventurous sort and driving is your passion or are looking for comfort and want to have a relaxed trip, you must consider booking AVIS. Whether you consider renting a car for office use, want one for traveling back home, or for any short trips, it will enable you to move around in a safe and self-reliant manner, just as you would like. AVIS Car maintains a scheduled cleaning and sanitizing process after every rental, AVIS offers more perks and advantages than you can imagine, for additional peace of mind while you are in a city other than your own.

If you are looking searching for ‘self-drive luxury car rental in Delhi’ on, halt it right away as AVIS is the best choice;

  • If you wish to get a taste of luxury at the convenience of your home with an online documentation process, AVIS is the right deal. You can choose your favorite luxury car and color, and rent it hassle-free.
  • Your experience will be top-notch and pleasing, with exhilarating looks and the feel of the vehicle. AVIS vehicles are clean, maintained, and are all set to give the vibe you wanted.
  • When in Delhi, drive-in style cars or get driven in Chauffeur driven cars with accident-free history. Since vehicles have had no prior owner, this ensures the quality of the vehicle you are going to ride.
  • AVIS cars give a twitch-free ride as their vehicles not only pass through rigorous mechanical and safety tests but are also backed by the trusted reputation of the Avis brand, so consumers can rent with confidence.

Zooming past the milestone

With a long history of innovation in the car rental industry, AVIS is not just any other Avis car rental company. It is one of the world’s top brands for customer loyalty. You can count on it whenever you are away from home and seek comfort. They provide exceptional service above and beyond what is expected by corporate as well as leisure renters. You will forget your traveling woes as they will only remain in history. AVIS goes the extra mile to make its customers feel at ease; be it while hiring the services or availing them. Say goodbye to challenges; focus on delights that you witness during the journey. AVIS has been in India for more than two decades, providing luxury chauffeur-driven and self-driven cars.

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Now is the time, take control of your own routine, be it weekday or weekend, choose to go in style wherever you go. Rent a car and get the freedom you deserve. One of the world’s best-known car rental amenities with approximately 5,500 locations in approximately 170 countries including India, Avis is surely going to make your day!

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