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Self drive road trip

Avis Self Drive: Be the master of your journey

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From coastal journeys to outback adventures cutting through the heart of the country, a classic road trip is all about fun, flexibility, freedom and the chance to take things at your own pace. Hitting the open road, stopping when you feel like it, cruising where the wind takes you are all reasons why a self-drive holiday is such a popular and rewarding choice. Some travelers like to take the wheel and drive right into their own adventure getting away from the well-worn tourist trail, see the things they want to see and stop at the places they want to stop, creating their own unique holiday experiences and memories as they go. Be it the picturesque coastline of the Andamans or the vast, arid landscapes of the Great Rann of Kutch, windy roads of beautiful Tawang or the tree-lined streets of the Nilgiri hills, there’s no greater freedom than having your own car while exploring a new destination.

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self drive road trip

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The concept of self-drive cars has been popular in the US and European countries for long. While the notion isn’t new to India, it has most definitely picked up steam in the recent few years. Despite owning cars, more and more people are opting for self-drive car rentals – the attraction lies in being able to drive high-end cars at an affordable price, the choice to rent a car across models and types, free roadside assistance and avoiding the hassles of dealing with a driver. In addition to this, the privacy aspect, limitations of one’s own car’s abilities, its potential wear and tear during the trip or limited seating capacity to go exploring the opposite end of the country has made self-drive car hire an appealing choice. Rather than compromising or even aborting the plans altogether, people now consider the option of hiring a self-drive car.

Avis – an ongoing success story and world leader in self – drive car hire is now in India. No one understands the lure of the open road better, and since long Avis has been an enabler of your pursuits for more purposeful travel, wherever they may lead. A trusted and award-winning brand with a long history of innovation in the car rental industry, Avis is one of the world’s top brands for customer loyalty, with a commitment to true convenience and exceptional service. Since its entry into the Indian market, Avis India has been providing word class self-drive rental services equipped with latest technological innovations at pocket-friendly rates.

With the self-drive network extending across major cities in India, Avis provides free car delivery and collection, complimentary Wi-Fi, and unlimited kilometers to make your journey convenient and seamless.

Whatever your mobility and transport needs are, Avis offers a choice of solutions to meet them:


Free car delivery & collection

Free Car Delivery and Collection

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Don’t you hate it when you need to rent a car, but you don’t actually have a way to get to the rental place? Or you drop off the car but need a way home? Avis offers free car delivery and collection service if you are renting a self-drive vehicle. No hassle, no car exchange, just pick up and return – free and easy.


Complimentary Wi-Fi

Complimentary wifi

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Whether you are traveling for business, driving with kids in tow, or visiting a new place, an uninterrupted Wi-Fi is a necessity for all of us. Not only does it help us stay in touch on-the-go, answer important emails, keep the little ones entertained on long journeys with cartoons streaming onto a tablet or laptop, stream music along the way, but it also enables us to enjoy turn-by-turn navigation for our journey and make bookings while on the move. We can all agree that a steady wireless internet access is crucial to enjoying the freedom of mobile connectivity. Avis provides complimentary Wi-Fi that you can use to easily link your tablet, laptop or smartphone when you’re on the move and get all the benefits of fast internet access anywhere without draining your own data allowance.


Unlimited kilometers

unlimited kms

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Booking unlimited mileage car rental can be the ideal choice for a vacation or any occasion when you desire more freedom with your mobility. The open road offers unlimited possibilities. And no one likes getting restricted by limitations. Stopping when you please and seeing where the drive takes you is all part of the charm of a self-drive holiday. Avis facilitates a longer journey on your own terms just about anywhere in the world to get you on the road in comfort and style. Now keep the good times going with unlimited kilometers because the longer journey means more fun.

Unlock the remarkable diversity of India, often said to be a continent in itself, stretching from the frozen summits of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, with expansive borders encompass an incomparable range of landscapes, cultures, and people – with Avis self-drive mobility solution.



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