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Top 3 Road Trips to Take from New Delhi Over the Weekend

Posted by Avis on January 4, 2022 | people viewed

When you’re in New Delhi, the excitement of road tripping just takes you high! Numerous scenic destinations surround the city and as an explorer, you can escape into nature or a spiritual escapade with a simple car rental booking. So, here’s a list of the best weekend destinations from New Delhi.

Neemrana in the Alwar district of Rajasthan is a historical town that takes around 3 hours from Delhi. You can always book a self-drive or a chauffeur drive car to explore the 15th-century fort palace here!

A drive to Agra is one of the most satisfying of all and especially when you have the option to either be adventurous and choose to drive with our Self-Drive car or to enjoy the picturesque view from the backseat of a chauffeur drive car.
Ready for the iconic Taj Mahal?

You would be surprised to know that India’s oldest national park, Jim Corbett is just a little over 200 km away from New Delhi. Be it a jeep safari, camping, or just some good old-fashioned trekking, you can get a dose of it all! You can easily reach the location with a car rental or even in an AVIS self-driving car.

Here’s a list of some frequently asked questions about our services in the city:

What documents are needed to rent a car with Avis?

While booking a self-drive car we require an Aadhaar number for verification and a photocopy of your original driving license and a valid proof of ID and address at the time of pick up. For Chauffeur drive there is no such verification required just put your pick up and drop location and enjoy the ride

What Are the Documents Required to Book a Self-Drive Car in Delhi?

To rent a car in Delhi, first, you must be 21 years of age. Secondly, Aadhaar number need to be provided at the time of booking and you would need to show your driving license at the time of Car delivery at your doorstep.

Can I Get the Delivery of the Self-Driven Cars Anywhere in Delhi?

Avis India provides a unique service of pick up and drop of the self-drive car of your choice at the choice of your location. The car is hand-delivered to your doorstep.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Self-Drive Car for A Week in Delhi?

While the minimum duration of a car rental starts from a single day but for a longer duration like a week, or more than that we have specially curated prices which can be availed under AVIS Flex on our website. The rates are available for all cities including Delhi.

How Can I Find Self-Drive Car Rentals Near Me?

You can rent AVIS cars in Delhi in 6 easy steps:
1. Go to the AVIS website or app
2. Choose your city
3. Select the date
4. Browse car models
5. Book and Pay
6. Get it delivered

Can I Get a Monthly “Car Rental/Car Subscription” In Delhi?

Avis provides a complete mobility solution for all your travel needs.
You can either:
-Rent our cars on a daily basis or book long term rentals.

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