Travel Blog All that you need to know to ace your travel look to travel in style and comfort


All that you need to know to ace your travel look to travel in style and comfort

Posted by Avis on December 28, 2018 | people viewed

Once the decision to travel is made and the flight tickets are booked, the next concern is what to pack and how to look stylish at the airport such that your travel look makes you comfortable and at the same time catch everyone’s attention. Packing for a trip can be a daunting task that requires a lot of mind work and effort to decide what dress would go with which part of the travel location. Selecting the airport looks may seem like a lot of work but it is also thoroughly enjoyable. Here are answers to questions that travellers ask to make their travel light, comfortable and with full swag.

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What are the points to consider while packing fashionable travel clothes?

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Travel look for different settings 

Part of travelling includes exploring different aspects of a place that a city has to offer. From treks to temples, and from restaurants to nightlife, your travel look should work for multiple settings.

So choose stylish and comfortable clothing that fits with the surrounding.

Multi-purpose clothing

Sometimes it is advisable to carry multi-purpose and convertible clothing even if it does not match your style. Convertible pants are something that many women avoid but it makes sense to wear them during adventure activities.

More Durability

Always choose durable clothes that will not wear and tear with excessive usage or washing while travelling. You definitely don’t want to be seen with torn clothes. Make sure that the travel look is not too expensive so that their wear and tear do not make you shed tears.

Avoid Bulky Outfits

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When you are packing for cold locations, don’t pack just one bulky travel look to prevent shivering. In cold places, layering is the key. This way you can mix and match many items. Though jeans are bulky their advantages far outweigh their occupying a large space.

Quick Drying Outfits

Carry travel looks that require less time to dry so that they can be used sooner after washing. Moreover, if you get wet in an unavoidable rain, and can’t get back to your hotel in time, your clothes will dry quickly preventing you from falling ill.

Mixing ‘n’ Matching to get the best Travel Look

With limited clothing options, try and pack a bigger travel wardrobe through mix and match. If most of your travel looks can go with others, then you get to carry many different styles with a limited wardrobe.

Carry limited accessories

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Don’t carry a huge bulk of accessories on a trip. The entire point of a trip is to enjoy. Packing too many fancy shoes and ornaments will give you trouble during certain parts of the trip. It will also make your luggage heavier unnecessarily. Carry maximum 2 pairs of comfortable shoes and minimalist jewellery and you are sorted.

How to express style and comfort in the airport travel look?

Inspire yourself with classy and comfortable travel looks of Bollywood superstars.

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Our Indian Bollywood celebrities surely know how to nail the airport dress code very well. Their airport looks can give you examples of how to compliment your body with the right style of clothing. If you want to dress feminine and wondering how to look like a celebrity at the airport, then choose clothing that highlights a certain feature of your body that you love more than others. For example, if you have slim arms then go for the sleeveless top. For those who have a beautiful neck-bone structure, they can highlight it by wearing an off-shoulder top. It is best not to go overboard with dressing by highlighting too many parts because that can make you feel uncomfortable because of unwanted stares. Men can take airport style tips from the leading Bollywood actors who always look their dapper best at the airport. With the right combination of jeans, shirt and jacket, they can easily look like a Bollywood Superstar that everyone looks up to.

What to wear when flying long distance?

It is as important to feel comfortable as it is to look stylish especially during long-haul flights. Airport chic and practicality can always go hand in hand. While travelling carry key pieces that are wrinkle-resistant and dark so that no colour shows in case you end up spilling something over them. The comfortable clothes will never slow down your stride and make sure they don’t give you issues while being seated in your cabin seat. Always carry extra pieces in your carry bag that you can put on and off easily that will help combat different temperatures. Some of the travel outfits you must carry are a scarf, pullover, jacket, socks, sneakers or flip-flops, shirts and tee-shirts during long flights.

What are the perfect travelling outfits while visiting a different nation?

Always keep in mind the culture of the country or city you are visiting. It is always better to wear clothes that are appropriate that do not garner unwanted attention. If you are visiting rural parts of Mexico or Latin America then it’s best to avoid wearing short skirts and crop tops. While if you are on a beach, choose travel looks that can be flaunted without being in harm’s way.

Dressing is a joy, but dressing smart is an art. Follow our advice the next time you plan to take a trip and we assure you that you’ll catch everyone’s eyes not only at the airport but also on the entire trip. Put up your travel look on Facebook and Instagram with #MyTravelLook and tag Avis. If you have the best ‘Travel Look’ you can win a car for you’re a road trip on your next international trip.

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