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8 reasons you will need Corporate Chauffeur services – Avis India

Posted by Avis on May 31, 2020 | people viewed

Gone are the days when business deals were confined to office premises. Nowadays, productivity comes from making the best of every opportunity that may come from any part of the world. Therefore, business travel has become a vital need of all leading conglomerates.

Does that mean, every employee needs to own a car? If not, isn’t hiring multiple cabs daily take a toll on the travel budget? Well, the car rental services have a solution to maintain their prestige without affecting the productivity – Corporate Chauffeur Services


What are Corporate Chauffeur Services?

Corporate Chauffeur services are a reliable and affordable transport arrangement from one point to another. These are typically associated with business alliances for corporate summits. Major corporates prefer car rental services due to the varied benefits it offers. 

Benefits of Corporate Chauffeur Services

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Corporate Chauffeur services that give you a reason to make a shift from the local cabs. 

  1. Professionalism: Corporate life is all about presentation. The first impression may win the half battle for you. Now, imagine the professional imprints created about your company on the client with the high-class chauffeur treatment. 

The service is not just curbed to you but can be utilized to pick up and drop your clients. When it comes to professionalism, the rental car services spare no effort by providing the utmost classy services with the most efficient and punctual chauffeurs.  


      2. Convenience and makes it all the more friendly: With Corporate chauffeur services, you always reach your destination at your best so you can deliver your best. You don’t have to worry about looking for the different legs of your trip. Once you have pre-booked it, your rental service will take care of the rest.

While travelling in metro cities like Delhi, car rental with a driver comes very handy. You won’t have to worry about routes, traffic, and parking when there’s a chauffeur to do the job for you. You can look forward to a safe and worry-free journey. 

       3. Budget-friendly to maintain the efficiency: Many people have some misconceptions about the cost of these services. It’s time to understand that corporate rental car services Delhi offer great deals that fit in your pocket perfectly.  


You cannot compare the prices of these services with the local cabs for one trip. However, in the long term, these special services deliver more savings than the conventional transports. Plus, you have to consider the extra comfort and surety you get from a corporate car rental.

       4. The car seat is not less than your workstation: In the business world, time is money so the extra time is always better. In an rental a car, you get the time and peace to catch up on something important or finish some pending work while enjoying a smooth trip. Hire our professional chauffeur services.

This comfort is what sets them apart from the struggles of local cabs.


        5.  Longer duration, more beneficial:  Business travel has become a necessity of the business, hence sooner you book your transport, better the benefits in the long run. AVIS has a range of deals to ensure you don’t miss out on the corporate chauffeur services due to any reason. One of them is the long-term benefits – the longer duration you align, the best offers you get. 


       6. Reliable and Safe: The Chauffeurs are highly professional as they have to go through rigorous background checks and training before getting on to the job. All your travel bookings are logged, hence there is a total transparency in the code of conduct. 

The Chauffeurs are familiar with all the routes which gives you an extra relief during rush hours. Moreover, the Chauffeurs are well-trained to drive in any condition, which makes your journey worry-free.


       7. Time is Money: Punctuality is the spirit of every business. It’s not about just being on time, but representing your company’s discipline and commitments. With corporate chauffeur services, you won’t have to face the embarrassment of being late for any meeting. Once you have pre-booked the service, the chauffeur will be available 15 minutes before as we respect and value your time and obligations.


       8. A worry-free journey leads to great conferences: As we said earlier, we believe that you need to be at your best when you are heading towards an important meeting.  When you are in a business chauffeur services, all your driving worries are taken care of by someone. The comfortable and worry-free journey in a luxurious car is all you need before presenting yourself in front of your clients. 


We assume this clears a good list of apprehensions about the corporate chauffeur cars; and gives you a good reason to start the car rental services for the well-being of employees and the company. If you are looking for the best deals on Chauffeur services, click here and relish the superlative treatment. 


Q : Why should I hire a chauffeur?

A :  Professional drivers are highly qualified and trained to drive a range of vehicles. Their ultimate goal is to reassure their customers and make them as comfortable as possible. They can also reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

Q :  What are the duties and responsibilities of a chauffeur?

A :  As a driver and chauffeur, you will be responsible for getting customers to their desired locations on time. You must be well versed in working with various navigation devices to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for customers. You must be comfortable driving a private car or government vehicle.

Q : What’s the difference between a chauffeur and a taxi?

A :  The driver will arrive when they are needed and pick you up in a vehicle that is likely to be ready. Although a taxi driver is more than just a person behind the wheel, he is a professional who will make sure you arrive on time and in the vehicle that represents you.

Q : What is meant by chauffeur service?

A :  The driver is the one who is assigned to drive the vehicle for the needs of the passenger. Driver is experienced and licensed. The driver will fulfill all your needs; From security to booking, sourcing, managing restaurants, schools and jobs.

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