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10 Best Weekend Getaways Near Delhi

Posted by Avis on July 5, 2023 | people viewed

There is so much more to a weekend than simply staying home or hanging out at a nearby mall. For Delhiites who wish to spend time chilling at a calm destination or gorging on delicious cuisine, you should begin by shortlisting a few nearby locations. For instance, you can begin by picking destinations closer to Delhi—Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. From scenic hill stations and ancient forts to serene lakeside retreats to national parks with the best sightings, you’ll discover the best weekend getaways near Delhi that perfectly caters to every traveller’s taste and preference.

The places mentioned below are easily accessible by road. Travellers who love road trips can do so by availing cab services in Delhi. If you plan on venturing out with your friends or family, you can do so easily via Avis car rental services. Avis  provides premium taxi services in Delhi  for passengers who love to experience luxury travel.

1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Travel to Rishikesh by road

Rishikesh is known for its pristine ambience. Known to be the world’s yoga capital, it is one of the weekend getaways near Delhi that welcomes all seeking peace and serenity. There is something extraordinary about this place that can soothe the disturbed and those tired of a monotonous life. You can  practise meditation, visit the picturesque locations in the city and visit spots like Triveni Ghat, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Ram Jhula, The Beatles Ashram and more.

Delhi to Rishikesh distance by cab – Approximately 262.7 km

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2. Pangot, Uttarakhand

A small hamlet-like place is how you can truly define Pangot in Uttarakhand. After the crossing hairpin bends, you arrive at Pangot, surrounded by majestic and refreshing green hills. Luckily, this is one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi for travellers who aren’t very fond of the crowd. When in Pangot, you can visit Nainital Lake, Guao Hills, Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, Tiffin Top, Goddess Naina Devi Temple and many other places nearby Nainital.

Delhi to Pangot distance by cab – approximately 334.2 km

3. Alwar, Rajasthan

Explore Alwar by road trip

 Alwar in Rajasthan has numerous places that can tickle your mind. From national parks, where you can observe the rich biodiversity, to spooky places like Bhangarh Fort, Alwar is one of the best options for weekend getaways near Delhi for adventure and fun. You can easily consider going to Alwar in a cab service from Delhi. Avis India provides luxury car rental in Delhi to Alwar by road with a wide selection of luxury vehicles.

Delhi to Alwar distance by cab – approximately 175 km

4. Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan is an ideal site for tiger sightings. If you’re in the mood for some adventure and thrill and would like the idea of experiencing some time amid the wild, Sariska would be a good choice. Since you will be heading to this tiger reserve, there are nearby places like Bhangarh Fort and Kesroli Hill Fort, which must also be on your visit list. So, plan a weekend getaway near Delhi to Alwar, and return to the capital, all rejuvenated and refreshed.

Delhi to Sariska Tiger Reserve by cab – approximately 189.6 km

 5. Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh is a small hill station near Dharamshala and a popular destination for trekkers. The place has a Tibetan influence with a slight English touch. The place has numerous monasteries, temples, and green locations, serving amazing unwinding spots for travellers. If you are looking for a spiritual retreat, Mcleodganj is going to welcome you to a life-changing experience.

Delhi to Mcleodganj by cab – approximately 492 km

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6. Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Travel to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

An all-time favourite weekend getaway near delhi for couples is Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The place is similar to Mcleodganj when it comes to vibes. However, Dharamshala has its own charm, which attracts thousands of people from the plains every season, especially in the summer. Further, Dharamshala has a unique blend of cafes, museums showcasing brilliant Tibetan art, Norbulingka Institute, and old churches and lakes, making it a much-loved weekend getaway near Delhi.

Delhi to Dharamshala distance by cab – approximately 468.2 km

7. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is a place loved by Indians and foreigners alike. The place is famous for sighting tigers and other majestic animals. There are unique stays within the park too, which are perfect if you wish to spend a night amid the rich flora and fauna. Without a doubt, you will be enamoured by the wild safaris and stays at Corbett. You can plan this short road trip from Delhi to Jim Corbett during any weekend, and it’s better when you take the road.

Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park distance by cab – approximately 255 km

8. Agra, UP

Can one ever ignore a trip to the Taj Mahal or Agra while planning a romantic getaway near Delhi? Well, it is a most-loved trip for every tourist or traveller who ever visits the capital. Agra welcomes lakhs of tourists who just see the city to witness the majestic structure. Besides the Taj, other attractions that you can visit while Fatehpur Sikri, Itmad-ud-Daula and, of course, the Agra Fort. One of the best ways to reach this place is to take a road trip. Honestly, you will be mesmerised by the landscapes, passing fields and culture you encounter on the way.

Delhi to Agra distance by cab – approximately 215 km

9. Jaipur, Rajasthan

Road trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a colourful place, full of royal setups, heritage hotels and larger-than-life forts. One place in the state that welcomes and entertains tourists like no other is Jaipur. The city is gorgeous to witness brilliant architecture, royalty and delectable local cuisine. Precisely, Jaipur can be called a place that redefines the idea of culture and native tones of original Rajasthanis. Such uniqueness makes Jaipur one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi.

Delhi to Jaipur distance by cab – approximately 268 Km

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10. Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

Another rich and outstanding hill station in Uttarakhand, this place is better described as magical. One that refreshes you instantly. The town is a quaint place that’s cosy and makes you feel at home. There is absolutely nothing which can equal the feeling of warmth, and that is the vibe which awaits in Lansdowne. While here, apart from watching the rich greens, you can visit famous attractions like the centuries-old Kaleshwar Temple, Tip-n-Top viewpoint, and the majestic colonial structure of St. Mary’s Church. All we can say is get ready to be intrigued by the forested spots when here. That makes it one of the best places to visit on weekends near Delhi.

Delhi to Lansdowne distance by cab – approximately 260 km

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