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Things to Remember Before Planning a Road Trip in India

Posted by Avis on October 24, 2019 | people viewed

A road trip doesn’t mean taking the car out on an impulse, grabbing your buddies and start driving down the road. There have been no better times than nowadays to hit the roads, thanks to advanced navigations, efficient cars, improved roads and of course the internet.

But there is always a possibility for a blunder if you don’t plan ahead. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re going to need a well-thought plan.

There has to be lots of planning and research to be done before you hit the road. To avoid a journey down the highway to hell, make sure to remember these few important things.

The Car

Avis self drive car

In India, the landscapes might change into an extreme in just the first few hundred kilometers of the journey. The road & weather conditions can change any time and then are the potholes which you won’t even see coming.

To overcome these challenges, you have to choose your car carefully. For a road trip car, you have to consider fuel economy, passenger comfort, baggage space and off-road capabilities.

Safety features like airbags, traction control, vehicle stability, cruise control and roadside assistance should be on your top priority list.

You know sometimes it will be worth renting a car with all these features than being stranded in the middle of nowhere. You can get a self-drive SUV or MUV vehicle from Avis which is more than capable of facing any conditions.

Avis car rentals come loaded with safety features, unlimited kilometers and 24/7 roadside assistance across India

2. Car’s Condition


Avis cars

Just a minor breakdown can leave you stranded and take the fun out of your road trip. If only you can know that a few checkups can reduce the chance of a breakdown.

About a week before you leave for the trip, have a mechanic check your car’s fluids, brake, tires, engine and anything else that might cause some problems. Check the air pressure in the spare wheel and make sure that the jack, wrench and other important tools are present in the car.

As your trip approaches, take some time to clean your car or schedule an appointment at your nearest car wash.

Most importantly, get a good roadside assistance program if you don’t already have one. We don’t know if the numbers of any roadside helpline numbers work or not.

While booking a car form self-drive car rentals, you should examine the vehicle thoroughly before driving away. But you don’t have to worry about all these when you book a car from Avis.

We provide well-maintained cars with customer support and 24/7 roadside assistance without any extra charges.

3. When &  Where


avis car centre

India is the most beautiful & diverse country both culturally & geographically, meaning there is always a tourist season in some parts of the country or the other. But some parts of the country will present you with the most varieties of climates.

Some roads can be officially closed during certain seasons while some areas can become inaccessible due to harsh weather conditions.

Like roads to Leh-Ladakh are closed off during heavy snowfall and wildlife sanctuaries during monsoon season, but others might not have such well-defined systems. To not get caught off guard, choose your destination according to the weather conditions. If you want to know more about Leh -Ladakh, you can check out our previous blog about great Indian road trips.

Don’t hesitate to explore other options like renting a self-drive or chauffeur driven vehicle for such extreme destinations.

When you book a car from Avis, you get the freedom to choose different cars with well-trained drivers who are experienced to face any terrain. Chauffeurs from Avis are polite, non-intrusive and they know the route which can be a major advantage.

4. Duration & Navigation


A road trip is not just a long drive to your destination and exploration plays a major role in it. You will also be defeating its true purpose if you won’t explore amidst your journey.

A trip from Delhi to Udaipur doesn’t count as a road trip unless you venture into other destinations en route like Jaipur & Pushkar. It won’t hurt to halt your road trip and discover something amazing. So take a few extra days to experience some incredible gems in between your road trip.

The most beautiful routes aren’t the fastest so leave some room for impromptu plans and alternate courses you might discover once on the road. You can shortlist some destinations along the route by looking into online resources about them.

A navigation system should be the most vital part of your road trip. Luckily, most smartphones these days have that feature inbuilt.

Also, don’t forget to check routes online beforehand and map out a generic approach for your road trip with an assigned driving time slot for each day. Book your meals & hotels in advance for your overnight stays and avoid any last-minute surprises

5. Essentials to Carry


essentials to carry during the road trip

To always be prepared for the unexpected, you have to get some essentials to carry for the road trip. Here are some things you must have:

  • Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Helpline Numbers
  • Cash & Loose Change
  • Maps or Atlas
  • Extra Set of Daily Essentials
  • Entertainment Options
  • Air Pump
  • Puncture Repair Kit
  • Fuel Container
  • Icebox
  • Snacks & Water

With all the preparations in the world, you may still face some difficulties on the road like cutting lanes & dangerous overtaking by bad drivers.

So keep your calm, rent a car from Avis for your next road trip and don’t allow any bad experience to ruin your fun.

If you think we missed anything important, tell us in the comment section below to help your fellow road trippers.

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