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Safe Driving Saves Lives.

Posted by Avis on February 11, 2019 | people viewed

Did you know that 1.3 million people die all over the world on roads, out of which 20-50 million get injured!! The question that arises is how to minimize these unfortunate deaths and promote safe driving.

Road safety is a method or measure to reduce the risk of road accidents and roadside injuries because of the mistakes made by people while driving on the road.

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 Traffic rules and regulations for safe driving:

  • Speeding
  • Drinking and driving
  • Usage of seat belts and child restraints
  • Skipping the red light
  • Lack of proper protection by motorists (helmets)
  • Using the phone
  • Wrong Parking and many more.

Road design, improved vehicle standards, mandatory signs for safe driving and better emergency too will help lessen the risks of driving on the road.

India too has a fair share in the loss of human lives on roads with 1.46 lakh people dying in 2015 alone. The most common way of encouraging safe driving is by creating awareness among the common public by holding seminars, workshops and educating students by adding basic road-safety lessons to their syllabus. The use of proper public transport or carpooling are great ways to take away the burden off the road. A lot of Indians are reckless on roads because of the lack of understanding of basic driving rules in India.

There is a lot that India can learn from other countries that have managed to reduce accidents to a bare minimum. Traffic rules in India are not enough due to the callous attitude of people using the roads.

Let’s have a look at how countries around the world promote safe-driving

  • Sweden- A perfect example of how a holistic approach to road safety can bring a major change. Instead of changing human behaviour they pay attention to a better road system, infrastructure, enforcement and vehicle technology.
  • Singapore- The execution of traffic rules makes use of technology to keep drivers safe. They use ‘advanced warning lights’ that alert the drivers about upcoming traffic lights.
  • Switzerland- the speed limit kept according to Traffic Regulations is  50 km/hr. They recover a huge penalty for violation of traffic laws.
  • Japan- Traffic rules are tightened by government-led awareness programs that have managed to make its roads amongst the safest in the world.
  • Oman- Driving rules have a brilliant way of tackling traffic by usage of inconspicuous speed cameras. Jumping even a red light is considered a very serious offence with an exorbitantly high penalty.
  • California- The city has introduced Basic California Bicycle Laws which are now being strictly implemented.
  • Germany- Road safety is not just the job of policymakers. They use a point system for merits and demerits that encourages everyone to strictly follow traffic rules.

In India, the primary reasons for road fatalities are-

  • Bad condition of roads
  • Traffic violations
  • Poor implementation of various laws governing road traffic and safety issues.
  • Failure to understand Indian traffic signs with their meaning.

The mode of transportation taken by the people depends majorly on their socioeconomic status. They end up using unregulated and unsafe vehicles. Last but not least, is the faulty engineering of road mechanics, be it road design or traffic lighting etc. A lack of awareness of road safety issues among the masses and carelessness of the policymakers add to the increasing problem of road safety.

Identifying key issues concerning road safety rules in India and actively resolving them will definitely make Indian roads safer for all.

We have embarked our vision of injury-free driving for India. We are confident that with the right set of actions and support we can certainly realize our vision in the near future.

Comment below on what would you do to make your roads safe? If you wish to make people aware of road safety, do share this blog with others.

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