Not only movies, but travel destinations can also be for adults only

Not only movies, but travel destinations can also be for adults only

Posted by Avis on August 28, 2019 | people viewed

Not only movies, but travel destinations can also be for adults only. A romantic getaway is appreciated among millennials as they rejuvenate themselves through the brief beams of sunlight amidst their grey lives. Where on one hand, kids are adored for their innocence and liveliness, their presence during romantic getaways can lead to couples feeling awkward and embarrassed. No longer are these mishaps going to occur and make your day a sultry one.

While, there are kids friendly destinations all around the world, nowadays there are places which are meant for adults only and the activities revolve around their need and requirement only.

We both are travel enthusiasts. We love traveling to places, in fact, there are times when we specifically choose a destination where there are no children, as in the presence of a child, we do feel some of the other sort of restrictions. And I think it is fair to have this kind of opinion,” opines Neeraj and his wife.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has made it essential for people to take a break from the daily hustle-bustle. Weekend getaways are becoming more popular, as are short road trips. Indian travelers are also opting for staycations at child-free locations is indicative of a significant shift in the country’s travel preferences. These travelers may look forward to the convenience of packing their bags, booking a self-drive rental car, and chasing adventure without the distraction of children. The trend is slowly but steadily gaining immense popularity holding the hands of experienced professionals who can guide them with choosing the destination to the rest of it. “Whether traveling as a couple, with friends, solo or with the whole family, Avis has been catering to this demand by enabling self-drive rentals in over 5,500 locations in 170 countries. Countries like the USA and South Africa are most favored by Indian travelers for self-drive followed by European destinations,” quipped Sunil Gupta, MD & CEO, Avis India.

For international vacations, there has been a rise of 22 percent in search queries for adult-only resorts in the UAE, Mexico, Maldives, Thailand and the Caribbean islands. On the domestic front, there is interest from travelers looking for similar getaways in Goa, Jaipur, Coorg and hill stations. “We have noticed this trend too, over the past few years with Adults with kids making this there 2/3 holiday of the year. In addition, we see a lot of affinity travel (like-minded) such as bridge groups/ entrepreneurs groups/ celebratory groups for birthdays and anniversaries without the kids. The cruise lines provide for adults only venues and entertainment plus now the industry is evolving to adults only cruise lines,” delightfully shares Varun Chadha, CEO, Tirun Travel Marketing. There are resorts and beaches where kids are not allowed as it is considered that certain activities do not suit the kids’ psyche and they may get affected watching adults do the same. It’s the parental control filter, but here it is in reality rather than in reel.

India, as a travel market, is evolving in step with the changing preferences and needs of the country’s consumer base. It is interesting to see a growing number of Indians opting for adult-only trips. These vacations or staycations serve as an escape from daily routines and allow travelers to avail indulge in experiences of various kinds.  This form of travel can have multiple facets to it like an adventure trip to Ladakh where climatic conditions are challenging or a trek in the Himalayas which some people may not consider safe for children or even a visit to Vegas or Goa with friends. Adding to the point Balu Ramachandran, Senior Vice President, Cleartrip, shares, “With a reliable support system, such as adult-only holidays are fast emerging as an option for travelers looking to rejuvenate and reconnecting with themselves.”

“From blindly checking places off a bucket list, travelers are now heavily involved in scouting for quality locations and experiences personalized enough to unwind with their partners. For example, there is a Luxury Island Sunset Cruise tour in Krabi, which is double the cost of regular boat tours but is one of the most sought after and loved experience on Ithaka!”  Abhishek Bhalla, Head of Operations at Ithaka.

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