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Join the Celebrations of Music at Jodhpur RIFF 2019 with Avis

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If you love listening to jazz, Sufi, classical, independent & folk music under moonlit nights, then we have just the right destination for you. Mark your calendars and prepare to indulge yourself in Rajasthani music & culture at Jodhpur RIFF 2019 festival. The nights of music, dance & other folk performances will surely thrill you and that is why you cannot afford to miss it.

About Jodhpur RIFF

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Jodhpur RIFF is a 5-Day-Long celebration of Rajasthani art and culture, featuring a long display of musicians, performers and dancers, right at the foot of the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur’s the Thar Desert. It is a charitable, non-profit partnership project of India’s two biggest heritage trusts – Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Jaipur Virasat Foundation.

The Maharaja of Jodhpur, HH Gaj Singh II started the RIFF festival back in 2007 to provide a platform to the unheard talented artists of Rajasthan and to bring back the glory of Mehrangarh Fort. Ever since then, the Mehrangarh Fort witnesses the concurrence of folk artists and musicians every year in the month of October. The festival provides an open stage to all folk artists and musicians from India as well as from the globe. Around 250 musicians and artists from Rajasthan and elsewhere attend this festival every year.

 When is it happening?

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The festival is to coincide with the full moon of the year, held at the brightest full moon night, also known as Sharad Purnima. This year, the RIFF 2019 festival will start on 10th October 2019 and end on 14th October 2019.

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The festival will start early in the morning, so try to arrive on time, leave a day before the festival to make sure you do not miss anything. So clear your schedules so you can have some extra time to explore the gem of Rajasthan that is Jodhpur. The best way to enjoy this festival and explore Jodhpur city is to hire a car rental in Rajasthan. You can book a self-drive or chauffeur-driven car from Avis to take a road trip to Jodhpur & make a once-in-a-lifetime adventure out of it. 

Major Highlights of RIFF 2019

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Ghoomer – Initially introduced by the Bhil tribe of Rajasthan and then gradually adopted by other communities, ghoomer is a dance where women in their traditional ghagra(long swirling skirt) and choli (blouse) pirouette while moving in and out of a wide circle, to the tune of traditional songs and the rhythm of hands clapping.

Jayateerth Mevund – An exceptional vocalist from the Kirana Gharana and a master of Santvaani (words of saints) and Daasavani (words of a devotee) musical tradition of Karnataka and Maharashtra will be a major attraction of RIFF 2019.

Davy Sicard – Davy Sicard is from the island of La Reunion. Often referred to as the master of modern ‘Maloya’ & well known for his unique music, and a blend of African Slave Chants and rhythms, contemporary European instruments and traditional instruments.  

Bixiga 70 – It is one of the most loved contemporary instrumental music bands of Brazil. Their music is highly inspired by Africa and Brazil, including Samba and Reggae with electronica, ethnic jazz, and carimbo.

Rajasthani Artists – A large number of well known Rajasthani folk artists like Chiranji kanji, Shamsuddin (Maand), musicians Kamaycha Ghewar and dare Khan Manganiyar and vocalist Anwar Khan manganiyar are expected to put up a spectacular show.

Scheduled Programs & Festival Itinerary



10th October-

  • Children’s Folk Morning
  • City Concert

11th October

  • RIFF Dawns with the Meghwals of Marwar
  • Living Legends, I
  • Moody RIFFS
  • Desert Lounge

12th October

  • RIFF Dawns with the Nirguni songs of Rajasthan
  • Dance Boot Camp
  • IN RESIDENCE, with custodians of culture
  • Living Legend II

13th October

  • RIFF Dawns with Sounds of the World
  • The Ghoomer of Rajasthan
  • Moonrise Session
  • Insights

14th October

  • RIFF Dawns with Bir Singh

Other Places in Jodhpur to Explore

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Umaid Bhawan Palace

As one of the largest private residences in the world, the palace is a unique combination of Indian & European style of architecture. The palace consists of two entities including Taj Palace Hotel & museum, which is open to public & hotel guests. You can trek your way to the palace and check out the stunning vintage car collection.

Roa Jodha Desert Rock Park

•	Roa Jodha Desert Rock Park


The Park is located at the outskirts of Mehrangarh Fort, developed to restore the area near the fort.  The place reflects the hard work and determination of the ecologists who gave their best to make the park green & beautiful.

Balsamand Lake

Balsamand Lake


Balsamand Lake is an artificial lake, developed by Balak Rao Parihar in 1159 AD to serve as a summer resort for the royal families of Jodhpur. The place is truly exquisite, reflecting the world-renowned Rajputana style of architecture at its best.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the festival or car rentals for your trip to Rajasthan, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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