Travel Blog Beat the Delhi heat with a trip to Nainital and Delhi to Nainital Distance by Road

Road trip to Nainital

Beat the Delhi heat with a trip to Nainital and Delhi to Nainital Distance by Road

Posted by Avis on June 28, 2022 | people viewed

Which time is the perfect time for a holiday? Anytime of the year! and with the temperature rising day by day, every day feels hotter than the previous day. Then why not take a break from the scorching heat and visit the hills? Be it families with kids, or a bunch of youngsters, every person looks forward to a holiday, be it international or domestic. Most people travel to the hills for a trip, especially the people of Delhi. Nainital is the ideal tourist destination for a fun trip. Many people opt for taxis while planning a Nainital trip from Delhi. There are many taxi services in Delhi, but Avis is one of the most renowned, internationally acknowledged brands that aim to give their customers the best comfort, luxury, and hygiene. Delhi being the capital, has a lot of options for outstation cab booking and chauffeur driven cars.
Road trip to Nainital

Weekend at Hills

Nainital is one of the most visited tourist attractions of north India because of its easy access and good weather. Often visited with friends and families, Nainital can be visited at any time. When searching for places near Delhi to visit, Nainital tops the charts. It is an apt destination for a weekend getaway from Delhi. Get together with friends and families, pack the bags, jump in the hired taxis and enjoy the hills on your Delhi to Nainital trip.

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Perks of a Road Trip

The best journey to Nainital is enjoyed via a road trip. Catching up with old friends, spending quality time with family and friends, driving through the beautiful roads of India, and looking at the Himalayas is one of the highlights of the trip. If one is not looking forward to taking their vehicle, then one can easily benefit from the Avis car rental service, make a booking for an outstation cab, and get the preferred vehicle. One can choose their dream car, or make the best use of your budget, depending upon the taste. Avis makes sure that one gets the best out of a road trip with chauffeur-driven cars. With current protocols of covid-19, Avis makes sure that no customer is left unsafe or unsatisfied with their services. So, there is nothing to worry about when Avis is there at service!

Road trip to Nainital

Trek through Nainital

Traveling in one’s favourite vehicle to Nainital is refreshing in itself, but visiting Nainital also has its craze. Once reached the resort, one can take some rest and plan the next day peacefully. Nainital has one of the best views of nature. One can plan treks and enjoy bird watching. A must-visit in Nainital is the lush orchards; in spring and summer, as people here will get to see a variety of Kumaoni ripe fruits. Nainital’s orchards have one of the best apples, peaches, and strawberries. Make the best out of the holiday and visit all the known treks and tourist attractions. One can even plan a whole day by the lake of Nainital, go on boating, or plan a riverside picnic. One can indulge in fishing here as well.

Nainital Lake Trip

best view Nainital Lake

Avis makes travel easier for everyone. With Avis, one only needs to think of the destination, and once that is decided, Avis takes care of the traveling part. The legacy and brand of Avis is enormous. With providing services for many years, Avis is one of India’s best cab booking and chauffeur drive service companies. Internationally recognised, Avis India App makes sure that their customers get the best offers and the premium quality rides. With the current outbreak of covid 19, Avis also takes extra care of their custosmers and makes sure that the vehicles people travel in are sanitized and safe for all.

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