Travel Blog Best Places to Visit Near Mumbai in Monsoons

Best places to visit near Mumbai in monsoons

Best Places to Visit Near Mumbai in Monsoons

Posted by Avis on August 4, 2023 | people viewed

Monsoons in Mumbai are fantastic, charming, romantic, and worth experiencing. The best time of the year, June to October, is one of the most distinctive seasons in Mumbai. It is that time of the year when Mumbai is called the Monsoon Deluge, and its greenery bursts with the beauty of all its natural phenomena with unwavering enthusiasm.  

During the monsoon in Mumbai, the people around enjoy the thrills and chills of the monsoon at the places to visit during the monsoon near Mumbai. For Mumbai, it becomes a cherished time as they get a break from the high and humid temperatures. Where the monsoon brings lights to a standstill, Mumbai becomes the hill station where you can experience leisure, fun, and adventures with your friends, family, and groups. You can cover as many places as you wish with one of the most convenient commuting options, car on rent in mumbai with AVIS. With glistening roads surrounded by lush foliage, the soothing melody of the raindrops, a chill breeze, and fine weather, Avis India offers you an experience that cannot be matched.

Best places to visit near Mumbai in monsoons

With the range of   vehicle options to be rented as taxis in Mumbai, you can choose the one that suits your preference, as every cab or taxi is well-maintained and accompanied by professional drivers to ease your journey. Keeping your safety and security on top, Avis India ensures a convenient pick-and-drop service at your doorstep. 

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Best Places to Visit During the Monsoon Near Mumbai 

From the wide list of monsoon attractions, here are a few of the most popular places to visit in the rainy season near Mumbai with a car rental from Avis India:

  • Lonavala

The captivating and verdant paradise and hill station of Lonavala is one of the best places to visit in the monsoon near Mumbai, at a distance of approximately 83 kilometers. It has everything in its natural charm, from the cool weather to the greens, misty mountains, gushing waterfalls, and all the eye-catchy attractions. Tiger’s Point and Lion’s Point are the most visited places to overlook the beauty of mist-laden valleys. 

Avis India ensures a safe ride throughout your journey, guiding you with the best assistance to make it an enjoyable one-day trip near Mumbai in the monsoon

  • Pune

you can explore with Mumbai to Pune cab

Situated approximately 147 kilometers from Mumbai, Pune is a magical place to explore and visit in the monsoon. The Aga Khan Palace, Pashan Lake, and Khadakwasla Dam are a few of the Pune places adorned with architecture that look mesmerizing in monsoons. Sinhagarh Fort and Tamini Ghar are where you can have a thrilling experience embarking on a scenic trekking trail. Overall, Pune has everything for people with different tastes and preferences, which you can explore with Mumbai to Pune cab service by Avis India.

  • Mahabaleshwar

Exploring Mahabaleshwar, 263 kilometers from Mumbai, is nothing less than unfolding a dreamy and majestic journey. Nestled in the Western Ghats, it is a hill station that welcomes people worldwide to get lost in its monsoon richness. Some places that will capture your heart are Lingmala and Dhobi waterfalls, Arthur’s Seat, and Kate’s Point, which are enveloped in misty fog. A pleasure and treat to your eyes, visiting Mahabaleshwar in the monsoon is a worthwhile experience by hiring a cab from Avis India. 

  • Khandala

Khandala is approximately 79 kilometers from Mumbai, a mesmerizing place to witness heavy rainfall until September. The flourishing hills and magnificent landscapes come in front to give a visual retreat to your eyes. Khandala, another place to visit for a one-day trip near Mumbai in the monsoon. It has vintage points like Tiger’s Leap and Amrutanjan Point and monsoon trekking spots like Rajmachi Fort and Duke’s Nose.

places to visit near Mumbai in the monsoon

At approximately 120 kilometres from Mumbai, Igatpuri is surrounded by the highest peaks and heavenly trekking points. The refreshing sprays are the cascading and breathtaking waterfalls, Randha, Bhatsa, and more. Panorama points like Camel Valley and Arthur Hill are the centre of attractions to witness misty valleys and greenery. The famous fort, Tringalwadi, is like a cherry on top, as it creates fascinating architecture that narrates tales from the past.  

By indulging in the places to visit near Mumbai in the monsoon, you can have the cherished time of your life with a car rental in Mumbai from Avis India. It’s time to book a cab in Mumbai and take advantage of the monsoons in Mumbai before the climate turns!

Avis India Taxi in Mumbai: The Best Transportation Mode 

During monsoons in Mumbai, safety becomes the utmost priority while commuting from one place to another. By providing a safe travel experience on your road trip towards your destination. From cars ranging from Dzire to Maybach, you can choose your preferred vehicle and enjoy your trip with Avis.. Some of the compelling reasons to choose Avis India for exploring places near Mumbai to visit in the monsoon are: 

  • Well-maintained, and GPS enables cabs and taxis
  • Convenient pickup and drop facility
  • Easy booking process
  • A safe and secure ride 
  • Professional and trained chauffuers

It’s time to relish the good times by counting on the hill stations to paint your monsoon vibrant and colourful. Book a cab in Mumbai with Avis India and take advantage of the monsoons in Mumbai. You can have the option to choose Mumbai to Ahmedabad cab, Mumbai to Shirdi cab, or a car on rent in Mumbai to your favorite location to cover up your weekend gateway.

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