Travel Blog 5 Useful Tips and Prices for Booking a Taxi in Mumbai

Difference between Mumbai taxi fare and car on rent

5 Useful Tips and Prices for Booking a Taxi in Mumbai

Posted by Avis on April 17, 2023 | people viewed

Mumbai, the bustling city of Maharashtra, is famous for its vibrant colours, history, food, streets, and chaotic traffic. Many of you may need help getting around Mumbai. However, the best way to explore the city’s strange corners is to hail a Mumbai taxi. Getting around the city in your own cab lets you make the most of it.

Mumbai taxi fare per km

Avis is one of Mumbai’s preferred car rental or cab services, offering a wide range of rental vehicles. Avis offers a variety of options to make every ride more convenient. With a reasonable Mumbai taxi fare per km, you can have the most memorable tour of the city. The experience Avis’ taxi or cab gives with every ride makes the taxi fare in Mumbai per km worth it.

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Car Rental TypeModelCapacity
LuxuryMercedes S, E, A class, BMW 6,7, X series, Maybach or Similar4 seater
SedanSwift Dzire, Corolla, Camry or Similar5 seater
SUVAssured Ertiga, Innova or Similar6 seater


Avis ensures that taxis in Mumbai are easily accessible from and to any location and that taxi charges per km are reasonable. If you are new to Mumbai, you may need to familiarize yourself with taxi or cab prices and useful tips. In this blog, we will go over the pricing factor and some helpful tips for booking taxi or cab services in Mumbai.

Mumbai Taxi Fare

Locally, you can find options for metered and non-metered taxis. Depending on the amenities or luxuries, both types offer a variety of taxi charges per km.

Mumbai Taxi Fare


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Avis Car Rental is the leading car rental company in Mumbai, india and that provides excellent services, which you can book using the mobile application. You can find cars ranging from economical to standard to luxury, and models from Dzire to Maybach. You can select the one that best fits your Mumbai taxi fare budget.

Your taxi fare in Mumbai per km is determined by the car you choose and the date and duration of your journey. Whatever you choose or wherever you go, Avis will always provide you with a world class experience. From pick-up to drop-off, you can enjoy a smooth journey, spacious cars, comfortable seats and a breathtaking road-trip experience.

Useful Tips to Check While Booking Your Avis Car Rental in Mumbai

When hailing a taxi or searching for a “car rental near me,” Avis is the most reliable and trusted option. Your booking requires a few quick steps, like downloading the application, signing it with your details, entering the location and destination, selecting the car of your choice, and confirming the booking.

However, before you book your Avis car rental, remember the following tips to ensure a pleasant rental experience.

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1. Check the Terms and Conditions

It is always advisable to read the terms and conditions before booking your taxi services in Mumbai. The terms and conditions outline the rental period, locations, policies such as insurance and fuel policies, and other important information.

2. Choose the Right Car

Booking taxi service in Mumbai


3. Check for the Taxi Fare in Mumbai Per KM

One of the most useful tips you should know is to check the taxi fare before booking. Taxi fares in Mumbai per km may vary due to the variety of cars and models. So, make sure you are aware of the cost of your reservation before confirming the booking

4. Book in Advance

Instead of dealing with last-minute booking issues, booking your ride in advance is always preferable. Booking in advance gives you more options by allowing you to select your preferred option and saves you time and money. According to your plans, Avis offers choices for booking your taxis at any time in the advance.

5. Check for the Hidden Fee

Cab & Taxi service in Mumbai

For cab services in Mumbai, most companies charge additional hidden fees for things like GPS, child seats, and additional facilities. Avis, unlike others, believes in transparent pricing to avoid surprises when you pick up your car.

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Renting a car in Mumbai with Avis can be a convenient way to get around the city. But what exactly makes a perfect ride? When you rent a car in Mumbai, you can travel and explore the area at your own pace while paying the lowest taxi fare possible.

Following a few tips for a convenient and trouble-free experience is also necessary and recommended. With Avis car rental, it’s time to enjoy the best of everything Mumbai offers. Get up and pack your bag!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a taxi cost in Mumbai?

Avis provides a wide range of options that ensure you have the best travel experience that is completely worth your taxi fare. Taxi fare generally depends on which car and model you pick.

2. How is the taxi fare calculated?

Your taxi fare is calculated based on the car you choose and the duration or the distance of
your journey.

3. What is the minimum taxi fare in Mumbai?

There are numerous options with varying prices, ranging from economical SUVs to compact to standard to the most luxurious cars. You can find the lowest cab price when you book cars like the Dzire or Swift.

4. Are taxi services easily accessible in Mumbai?

You will have access to so many taxi services that are easily accessible in Mumbai. Avis is the most trusted car rental service provider, where you can have a relaxed experience.

5. Is the whole amount refundable if the ride is cancelled?

There’s no cancellation charge if you wish to cancel your booking in advance. You will receive the whole amount back in your payment source within three working days asper the cancellation policy.



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