Avis car hire in Netherlands

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  • 1. Amsterdam Centre Car Hire

    Address: Amsterdam Centre Car Hire, Nassaukade 380, Amsterdam

    Phone: 88 2847 020

    Amsterdam Centre Car Hire

  • 2. Maastricht Car Hire

    Address: Fregatweg 70, Maastricht

    Phone: 88 2847 043

    Maastricht Car Hire

  • 3. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

    Address: Arrival Hall Aankomstpassage 5, Schiphol

    Phone: +31 88 2847 620

    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

  • 4. Utrecht Car Hire

    Address: Croeselaan 122, Utrecht

    Phone: 88 2847 030

    Utrecht Car Hire

  • 5. Hengelo

    Address: Platinastraat 2, Hengelo, 7554 NA

    Phone: 88 2847 055


  • 6. Eindhoven Airport

    Address: Luchthavenweg 13 B, Eindhoven

    Phone: 88 2847 640

    Eindhoven Airport

  • 7. Eindhoven Car Hire

    Address: Jeroen Boschlaan 220 B, Eindhoven

    Phone: 88 2847 040

    Eindhoven Car Hire

  • 8. Groningen Airport Eelde

    Address: Unmanned/meets Reservations Machlaan 14 A, Eelde

    Phone: 88 2847 050

    Groningen Airport Eelde

  • 9. The Hague Car Hire

    Address: heresiastraat 216, Den Haag

    Phone: 88 2847 070

    The Hague Car Hire

  • 10. Arnhem Car Hire

    Address: Dr. C. Lelyweg 2, Arnhem

    Phone: 88 2847 026

    Arnhem Car Hire

  • 11. Haarlem Car Hire

    Address: Toekanweg 2, Haarlem

    Phone: 88 2847 023

    Haarlem Car Hire

  • 12. Amsterdam Zuit/Wtc Car Hire

    Address: Aaron Coplandstraat 6, Amsterdam

    Phone: 88 2847 021

    Amsterdam Zuit/Wtc Car Hire

  • 13. Groningen Car Hire

    Address: Helperzoom 4, Groningen

    Phone: 88 2847 050

    Groningen Car Hire

  • 14. Vlissingen Car Hire

    Address: Marie Curieweg 1 5, Vlissingen-ritthem

    Phone: 88 2847 011

    Vlissingen Car Hire

  • 15. Leeuwarden Car Hire

    Address: De Ruyterweg 98, Leeuwarden

    Phone: 88 2847 058

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  • 16. Rotterdam Car Hire

    Address: Kruisplein 23 D P- Schouwburgplein 2, Rotterdam

    Phone: 88 2847 010

    Rotterdam Car Hire

  • 17. Rotterdam Airport

    Address: Rotterdam Airportplein 60, Rotterdam

    Phone: 88 2847 610

    Rotterdam Airport

  • 18. Rozenburg Hoofddorp Car Hire

    Address: Kruisweg 387-391, Rozenburg Nh

    Phone: 88 2847 023

    Rozenburg Hoofddorp Car Hire

  • 19. Breda Car Hire

    Address: Riethil 14, Breda

    Phone: 88 2847 076

    Breda Car Hire

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Self drive car rental in Netherlands

The Land of windmills, clogs, blooming field of tulips, Delft pottery, romantic candlelit cafés, dikes, bicycles, and a rich cultural heritage, Netherlands, popularly known as Holland is packs a punch for tourists within its diminutive dimensions. Most of it lying at or below sea-level, Netherlands is covered with scenic canals, charming villages and urban cities. Driving in Netherlands in your Avis car rental is the best way to explore this beautiful country.

Book your Avis car rental from one of the many conveniently located options.

Exploring Netherlands

The Dutch country is a dream destination with an exemplary mix of the old-world charm and urbanization, the coolest café culture, blooming fields of flowers, and an exceptional legacy of art. Netherlands abounds with world-class museums with the densest collection of art and is the birthplace of some of the most renowned artists like Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh and Piet Mondriaan.

Undoubtedly, the free-spirited, capital city of Amsterdam is the most visited place in Netherlands with more and more tourists flocking every year, and for good reason. Also the cultural capital of the country, Amsterdam encompasses more than 50 museums, art galleries and exhibits.

With buildings dating back to 16th century, it also abounds with historic architectural landmarks. The Rijksmuseum – housing seven million works of art, The Anne Frank Museum - a poignant monument to a tragic period of history, Van Gogh Museum – dedicated to the extraordinary artists life and work, The Jordaan – mix of houses, courtyards, cobbled streets and markets, Vondelpark – home to a rose garden, Dam Square – site for the former home of the Dutch royal family, Madame Tussauds wax museum and other landmarks, the Royal Palace – King’s residence in Amsterdam, Kalverstraat and Vlooienmarkt – erf to shopping boutiques, cafes, restaurants – are things you must do and visit in your Avis car hire in Amsterdam.

As wonderful as Amsterdam is, there is so much to Netherlands beyond the capital. The Hague houses the Royal family and the Dutch government. The third largest city of the country, The Hague is the seat to many international offices, and embassies and sees immense business tourists for the same. Many Dutch artists have had beginnings here and the city is chock full of museums and art galleries along its wide streets. Some notable attractions, easily navigable in your Avis car rental include, the handsome Mauritshuis, The Binnenhof - the Inner Court, Panorama Mesdag – a gigantic painting, The Knights' Hall, Madurodam – depicting the Dutch life, The Louwman Museum, Scheveningen and the Pier facing the North Sea, so on and so forth.

Rotterdam, world’s largest port, is a modern city dating back to medieval times with an immense historical heritage. Utrecht is surrounded by many historical landmarks and intersecting canals with the iconic Cathedral of St. Martin, making it popular amongst tourists.

Go for a Road trip in Netherlands with Avis Self Drive Car Rental

A country with vast blooming fields of tulips, lush countryside, modern bridges, and exciting cities, Netherlands makes for a fun road trip. Due to its compact size, most of the cities are within close driving distance and the entire country can be driven from north to south in about 5 hours.

Road trips in Netherlands by self drive rental car

Day Trips from Amsterdam

Exploring beyond Amsterdam is one of the best uses of your Avis rental car. The blooming tulip fields of Keukenhof is just 38 kilometers away and is one of the best places to feast your sense to the country’s rich floral bounty. Volendam, fishing village with traditional boats and colourful houses is about 40 minutes south of Enkhuizen. The world-famous Cheese Market of Alkmaar lies 42 kilometers north of Amsterdam and is a must-visit for 23 tons of large, round Edam and Gouda cheeses. Heading 19 kilometers west of Amsterdam will take you to Haarlem, a breeding ground for artistic pursuits since the 17th century.

Day Trips from The Hague

The small town of Voorschoten can be reached by driving 15 kilometers northeast of The Hague, housing the medieval fortress of Duivenvoorde Castle. 33 kilometers east of The Hague, lies the Dutch town on Gouda, famous for its gothic architecture, Grote Kerk of Sint Janskerk – a 15th century church, Goudse Glazen – glass stained windows, and the Gouda cheese of course. The town of Leyden, just north of Hague, houses many art universities and museums and can be visited in your Avis car hire. Another town to be explored beyond The Hague is Delft, known for its Delftware ceramics and Porcelain artifacts.

Driving rules in Netherlands

Which Side of the Road?

In The Netherlands, please drive on the RIGHT side of the road.

Unique Country Driving Laws

− Do not use horn in a built up area unless in danger.
− Parking discs can be obtained from a rental station.
− Trams have right of way

Speed Limits

For a standard Avis rental vehicle with no trailers:

− Urban areas: 31 mph (50 km/h)
− Motorways: 74 mph (120 km/h – 130 km/h)
− Rural areas: 49 mph (80 km/h) or 62 mph (100 km/h)

Unless indicated by road signs.

Child Safety / Seat Belt Laws

− It is compulsory for all inside the vehicle to wear a seatbelt
− Children under 12 and/or less than 135cm must be seated in appropriate child restraint for their size.