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Chief Adventure officer

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Hi there,
I am the C.A.O of Avis India - The Chief Adventure Officer. Now what's that, you ask. I am a chronicler of beautiful places and enchanting stories hidden in those places. I also go by the name of Storyteller, sometimes by Travel Writer or a Travel Photographer and occasionally by Adventure Junkie (that’s a long story for another day though).

OK, I confess to being fascinated by people like Marco Polo and Prince Henry "The Navigator". But you don't have to sail half way around the world to be the C.A.O. All you need is some high-level passion to see more of the world. So if you want to share your escapades, come join the Avis Travel Community.

What is Avis Community

We are creating a community of travellers, who travel beyond the ordinary in the quest to capture the true essence of the countries they visit. This is a community of storytellers, travel writers, and photographers who want to tell everyone the beautiful stories that are hidden in those rugged peaks, lined across the enchanted shores and painted around the colourful cities across the globe.

Let's Explore

THe world Together!

With its presence in more than 165 countries, Avis has enabled many such stories in its history of 72 years. Now, Avis wants to strengthen this community of storytellers by providing you, your dream car in your dream location so you can go far beyond the ordinary.

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