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  • 1. New York East 11th Street

    Address: 68 East 11th Street, (between University Place & Broadway), New York City, NY, 10003, U S A

    Phone: 212-593-8396

    New York East 11th Street

  • 2. New York East 43rd Street

    Address: 225 East 43rd Street Midtown East 43rd New York


    New York East 43rd Street

  • 3. New York East 64th St

    Address: 310 East 64th Street Uptown East 64th New York

    Phone: 212-593-8363

    New York East 64th St

  • 4. New York East 90th St

    Address: 420 East 90th Street Uptown East 90th New York

    Phone: 212-593-8368

    New York East 90th St

  • 5. New York West 97th street

    Address: 808 Columbus Ave Garage Below Columbus Sq Apts New York

    Phone: 212-666-3593

    New York West 97th street

  • 6. New York JFK Airport

    Address: Building #305 Federal Circle Jfk International Airport Jamaica

    Phone: 718-244-5400

    New York JFK Airport

  • 7. New York West 31st Street

    Address: 220 West 31st Street Midtown West 31st New York

    Phone: 646-733-5995

    New York West 31st Street

  • 8. New York New York Hotel Casino

    Address: 3790 South Las Vegas Boulevard New York New York Hotel Casino Las Vegas

    Phone: 702-740-6415

    New York New York Hotel Casino

  • 9. New York City West 43rd Street

    Address: 515 West 43rd Street Midtown West 43rd New York

    Phone: 646-473-0088

    New York City West 43rd Street

  • 10. New York West 54th Street

    Address: 153 West 54th Street Midtown West 54th New York

    Phone: 212-593-8470

    New York West 54th Street

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Self drive car rental in New York

A truly exhilarating metropolis, New York is a city that never sleeps. Even though the traffic is high, an Avis car hire is the best way to get a real taste of this buzzing city. Comprising of five boroughs and Manhattan Island, there are more languages spoken here than anywhere else in the world.

Each borough, further divided into districts, had a distinct character, mood and flavour to offer, best experienced in your own self-drive car from Avis.

In addition to city delights, New York’s surrounding areas also have much to offer, ideally enjoyed in your Avis car rental.

The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Central Park and Madison Avenue are just some of the must-see sights in New York. While Manhattan incorporates most of the iconic sights of NYC, Brooklyn is overflowing with kitschy cafes, bars and eclectic shops and boutiques.

Explore New York

A bucket list destination for most travellers, New York, New York is twice the joy. Hop in your Avis car hire and set out to accomplish things to do in New York like a local.

The world’s most iconic skyline is brimming with glitzy bridges, recreational parks, artsy museums, busy restaurants, and busier nightclubs. While it may be hard to keep up with so much to see in New York, some places are a must visit.

Even if it may be your first time in NYC, you’ll be all too familiar with the Empire State Building etched in your memory by An Affair to Remember & Sleepless in Seattle. From atop this marvel, you can get a panoramic view of the entire city. Central park swallowing central Manhattan is amongst the top attractions of NYC. Visit the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History, all located in and around Central Park.

Marvelling at the Brooklyn Bridge, paying respects at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, visiting One World Observatory, applauding the architectural delights like the Chrysler Building, taking in Broadway Shows at The Theatre District, ice-skating at the tourist packet Rockefeller Center, sightseeing at Times Square and checking off Statue of Liberty from your bucket list lie at the heart of a quintessential New York experience, made convenient in your self-drive Avis car hire.

Queens borough in one of the most diverse areas in the world with the most variegated cuisine to offer – feast on traditional Greek and Italian to Vietnamese, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Balkan, Palestinian, and beyond.

Beyond New York

If you want to experience French culture without hopping on a plane, grad your Avis car keys and set out to Montreal, Quebec – a 6.5 hours’ drive commitment. Characterized by cobbled streets, centuries-old buildings, magnificent cathedrals, Parisian cafes, you will feel transported to an other-worldly French town. While there, enjoy a variety of festivals, including the most popular Montreal International Jazz Festival.

If 6.5 hours is a little too much for you, fret not, there is plenty to explore within a couple of hours of New York. Take a self-drive trip to Catskills, for adventure filled skiing, hiking, golfing and pastoral mountains. Just about 2 hours away, Catskills is one of the top resort communities for New Yorkers.

North Fork of Long Island is yet another wonderful option if you don’t wish to venture too far. Abounding with wineries and beaches, this is the perfect place for tipples and post-tipple swimming, lighthouse climbing and berry picking.

Stone Harbor, Jersey is a must visit for some unspoilt nature and escape from an urban sprawl. About 3 hours’ drive from New York, visit the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary.

Philadelphia for American history and great museums, Bucks County for quaint towns and antiques, Lexon for mountain vistas and New Port for seafood chowder are some more excursions you can venture on in your Avis car rental for a liberating experience.