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  • 1. Newcastle Railway Station

    Address: 7 George Street Newcastle NE4 7JL

    Phone: 03445446022

    Newcastle Railway Station

  • 2. Newcastle Airport

    Address: Newcastle Airport Woolsington Newcastle NE13 8BZ

    Phone: 03445446022

    Newcastle Airport

  • 3. Newcastle Dt

    Address: 7 George Street Newcastle NE4 7JL

    Phone: 03445446083

    Newcastle Dt

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Self drive car rental in Newcastle

A noteworthy port city in the North East of England, Newcastle has various eminent attractions and a loaded maritime history waiting to be explored at your pace in Avis rental car. With a buzzing nightlife, amidst much of its retained industrial character and a galore of prominent landmarks, you may you may experience difficulty sorting out an itinerary.

Pick up your car from any of the above locations, and set out to explore UK’s north east, as much steeped in history as it is in a thumping nightlife and gastronomical delights. Discover the many delights of Newcastle, from Victorian buildings, rock concert venues, harbour areas, to interesting museums in the comfort of your Avis car rental.

Explore Newcastle

Atop every list of UK’s greatest night outs, Newcastle is the best place for stellar restaurants, an array of drinks and ample of culture. Drive around Newcastle-upon-Tyne in your Avis car if your evenings usually turn into morning with no shortage of drinks or merriment.

Some Newcastle essentials waiting to be explored in your Avis car rental include: Great North Museum offering Victorian buildings, variety of exhibits and a digital planetarium to keep adults and children engaged throughout their visit; the famous Angel of North sculpture towering the Gateshead Millennium Bridge at 66 feet tall; St Nicholas Cathedral with a spectacular architecture offering city’s best views, Arbeia Roman fort steeped in Roman heritage; Newcastle Castle, an epitome of 2000 year old story of Newcastle, filled with archaeological artefacts and a history lesson at every corner; The Biscuit Factory, a former Victorian warehouse, and now England’s largest commercial art, craft and design shop and gallery; Laing Art Gallery boasting of some of the greatest paintings and sculptures by likes of Gauguin, John Martin, Stanley Spencer so on and so forth; Jesmond Dene for a relaxing break from all the history, amidst flourishing wildlife.

From gigantic shopping centres like Eldon Square Shopping Centre, to beautiful parks for unwinding, traverse all the notable attractions Newcastle has to offer in your Avis rental car.

What makes Newcastle, even more exceptional is its thumping nightlife. They say, beer flows from taps instead of water on Saturdays. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs and bars or even stellar restaurants. Make sure to catch some of the many internationally acclaimed artists performing at comedy clubs, or even the likes of Ed Sheeran and Kylie Minogue at popular pop and rock concert venue of Theatre Royal and City Hall.

Beyond Newcastle

Although we doubt you would ever want to leave this truly magnificent city, Newcastle offers some great day trips you can take in your hired Avis car. Tynemouth takes to reach barely 20 minutes by car and offers beautiful beaches and all the water sports that come along with it. Drive to the street market for vintage knick-knacks and some street food. Alnwick Castle is a particularly popular destination for fans of Harry Potter films and Downton Abbey TV show fans. Another popular destination from Newcastle is York, with breath-taking cathedral of York Minster and some of the best tea houses the English culture as to offer.

Less than a 40 minute drive lies Durham with UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Durham Castle and the Durham Cathedral. Cobbles streets and medieval architecture makes it a popular tourist destination. Hadrian’s Wall along the A69, coastal town of South Shields, Bamburgh Castle are some of other explorations you can undertake in your Avis car rental.