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  • 1. Wellington Car Hire

    Address: 25 Dixon Street, (North Island), Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

    Phone: (64) 4-801-8108

    Wellington Car Hire

  • 2. Wellington Ferry

    Address: Ferry Terminal Building, Aotea Quay (North Island), Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

    Phone: (64) 4-801-8108

    Wellington Ferry

  • 3. Wellington Airport

    Address: Terminal Building, (North Island), Wellington, 6022, New Zealand

    Phone: (64) 4-802-1088

    Wellington Airport

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Self drive car rental in Wellington

The Kiwi capital packs in a punch for a city its size. Small and compact in proportion but extremely rich and extensive in culture and cuisine. One of the top New Zealand travel destinations, Wellington has a lot to offer. From architectural wonders, world famous craft beer, coffee, to great food Wellington is most definitely the “Coolest little capital in the world.”

Book an Avis car rental in Wellington to see for yourself all that this vibrant and delightful place has to offer. With plentiful locations available around throughout Wellington, booking your car hire with Avis is easy and convenient.

Exploring Wellington:

Home to a great many museums and cultural institutions, explore Wellington in your car hire. The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa attracts almost 1.5 million visits every year. It is a great place to explore the Maori culture and dive into the history of New Zealand. Other attractions include the Wellington Museum, the New Zealand Cricket Museum, the Cable Car Museum and the Wellington City Art Gallery; these should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Wellington.

This energetic and dazzling city is also home to a great many events and celebrations like Wellington Jazz Festival, New Zealand International Arts Festival, The Wellington Folk Festival and the Couch Soup theatre festival among others. These high-profile events are one of the best tourist attractions in Wellington.

A great many filmmakers have also taken delight in featuring movies based in Wellington. From your arrival at the Wellington Airport, you will be sure to notice you have landed in the movie making empire of Sir Peter Jackson with great installations of the middle earth inhabitants to greet you. Amongst all the things to do in Wellington, exploring the locations where the movies came to life is a must. Also visit the Weta Cave shop for props, collectibles, art prints, DVDs, miniatures and what not.

As much as Wellington is rich in cultural delights, you will find it to be even richer in the culinary ones. With a café around every corner, it can be safely assumed that Wellington loves coffee. Surprisingly, Wellington is known to have more restaurants and bars per capita than even New York city. In your car hire, explore the famous vineyards up the roads and indulge in some delicious wine. And if this wasn’t enough, Wellington is also world renowned for its craft beer. For a place this small, it sure gives you enough options to wash down all kinds of culinary delights.

Beyond Wellington

There are some scenic places near Wellington which can be explored via your self-drive car hire with Avis. After exploring Wellington you can head to Wairarapa region. This region holds a great many attractions for an extended trip and just an hour’s drive from Wellington along the Rimutaka Hill road

Visit Martinborough, also known as the wine village. It features almost 30 wineries within walking distance of the village square. Try the local produce at any one of the many restaurants and enjoy guided tours around the family owned vineyards.

Another attraction in this region is Greytown which boasts of colonial Victorian architecture and a great many designer boutiques. It is also a great place to enjoy some more local wine paired with culinary delights prepared with fresh produce only. It also one of New Zealand’s most premier shopping destinations, so be sure to carry your credit card.

Is any trip complete without a beach visit. Absolutely not. Head to Castlepoint beach and easily spend a day relaxing or alternatively climbing the Castle Rock which is 162 metres high. This wild beach is also home to a bounty of rare flora and fauna waiting to be explored.