Avis Taxi Service from Kolkata to Gangasagar

Gangasagar is one of those places near Kolkata that gives you a super rich and enriching travel experience. Like every city has its own tales, Gangasagar is situated on Sagar Island at the confluence of the Ganges River and the Bay of Bengal, offering a land of spiritual and natural beauty. So, if you are fond of pilgrimage sites and serene natural beauty, planning a trip from Kolkata to Gangasagar would be the best choice for you.

Travelling is always about creating the fondest memories, and here, Avis India car rentals allow you to make the best. Whether you live in Kolkata or plan to visit the city, you can easily ride to Gangasagar by hiring a cab or a taxi from Avis India.

Avis India is one of the leading car rental companies that offers premium cab services in Kolkata to explore Gangasagar. You will find many companies while searching for the best taxi, but Avis India stands for the most comfortable and luxurious ride. The best part is that you can hire a cab or a taxi from Kolkata to Gangasagar from the wide list of available car options based on your preference and budget.

Also, you can book either a round-trip cab or a one-way taxi to complete your trip. You can book a return trip from Gangasagar to Kolkata and opt for a safe drop-off along with the pickup. Be it any location, Avis India ensures the safest pickup and drop-off, making it a memorable trip for you.

Kolkata to Gangasagar Distance

Avis Taxi Service from Kolkata to Gangasagar

Kolkata to Gangasagar distance is around 118 kilometres when you travel by cab. The time taken is approximately 4 hours, which also depends on the route you choose, the traffic and road conditions.

The journey takes you through serene natural beauty and pleasant weather, allowing you to have the most fun while covering the distance. With Avis India, it's always a travel ride filled with leisure and pleasure.

Booking a Taxi from Kolkata to Gangasagar

There may be a lot of transportation options available to travel to Gangasagar from Kolkata, but the comfort and convenience a taxi provides are unmeasurable. The spacious cars with comfortable seats and luxury facilities make every journey soothing and memorable.

Booking a cab with Avis India is the most convenient and hassle-free option if you want to tour the entire city at your own pace. Here are the reasons why:

  • Avis India offers reliable and excellent taxi services from Kolkata to Gangaasagar.
  • Avis India's luxury services are worth the Kolkata to Gangasagar taxi fare.
  • The cars are well-maintained, and the drivers are well-trained to travel anywhere.
  • With Avis India cars, you can visit any location with ease.
  • Ensuring comfortable and safe journeys, Avis India is committed to quality.
  • Avis India gives you a seamless booking experience.

Avis India's Kolkata to Gangasagar cab booking process:

  • Sign up with your details.
  • Then, enter the required information, like pickup location, drop-off location, date, and travel time.
  • Select the type of vehicle from the wide list of options based on your preferences and budget.
  • Review your booking details to ensure that the details filled out are correct.
  • Proceed with the payment and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Complete your booking.
  • Confirm your booking.
  • Enjoy your ride.

You can book a car rental in Kolkata to explore Gangasagar, and you can also book a cab service from Avis India for every purpose, including local sightseeing, airport, railway, or office transfers, and have a seamless experience. And, also book a return cab from Gangasagar to Kolkata

Kolkata to Gangasagar Taxi Fare

Whatever ride you book with Avis India, the taxi fare depends on the type of car you choose and the date and duration of your journey. With Avis India, you can choose the car that fits your budget well and have the perfect ride. Avis India's amenities, including well-maintained, GPS-enabled, spacious cars, air conditioners, and comfortable seats, are all worth the Kolkata to Gangasagar taxi fare.
Kolkata to Gangasagar taxi fare

Places to Explore in Gangasagar for Local Sightseeing

Kapil Muni Temple

Kapil Muni Temple

Kapil Muni Temple is one of the most visited and holiest pilgrimage sites in Gangasagar. It is situated on Sagar Island, in the city.

Dedicated to Kapil Muni, the temple is known for its beautiful architecture and detailed carvings. The temple's serene atmosphere and soothing vibes attract many tourists from around the world. You must visit Kapil Muni Temple to witness the rich cultural and spiritual experience.

Sagar Island Beach

Sagar Island Beach

Sagar Island Beach in Gangasagar is the most mesmerising place to enjoy a peaceful retreat. The beach stretches over the Bay of Bengal, providing a scenic escape for nature lovers. You can have a leisurely walk along the shore and feel the rhythm of the waves. It is one of the must-visit places that you can also choose to visit for your getaways.

Sangam Point

Sangam Point

Sangam Point is where the river Ganga merges with the Bay of Bengal. It is famous for its religious and cultural importance. Looking at the beauty where both rivers meet is considered highly auspicious in Hindu mythology. You must visit such a sacred and captivating place to witness the magic of two rivers.

Faro Beach

Faro Beach

Faro Beach is a hidden gem in Gangasagar, located on Sagar Island. It is an ideal tourist spot for relaxation and solitude. You can also witness the breathtaking views, beautiful sunrises, and sunsets at the beach.

Bharat Sevashram Sangha

Bharat Sevashram Sangha

Bharat Sevashram Sangha is an ashram in Gangasagar that is famous for both a charitable organisation and a spiritual retreat. It is one of the most peaceful places to spend leisure time doing meditation and self-reflection. You can also participate in the activities and learn about the organisation's efforts to make it a place to remember.

Gangasagar has much more to explore, like the city's vibrant streets, shopping, and tempting local food. Visiting the city's fascinating locations will add a whole new memory to your life.

All you need to do is book a Kolkata to Gangasagar cab with Avis India and double your travel fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is the distance from Kolkata to Gangasagar by taxi?

Kolkata to Gangasagar is approximately a 4-hour journey at a distance of about 118 kilometres.

What is the distance between Kolkata and Gangasagar via cab?

The distance between Kolkata and Gangasagar is approximately 100 kilometres when you travel via cab.

Which taxi is famous in Kolkata?

Avis India is Kolkata's most famous taxi service, known for its premium and luxury car rental services .

What is Gangasagar famous for?

Gangasagar is famous for Hindu pilgrimage places that thousands of tourists visit each year.

How much time will it take to reach Gangasagar from Kolkata by cab?

It takes around 4 hours to visit Gangasagar from Kolkata by cab.