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  • Mumbai, which was previously known as Bombay, is a major metropolitan city of India. In addition to being the state capital of Maharashtra, it is also known as the business capital of India, being the country's principal financial and communications centre. It has the largest and the busiest port that handles India's foreign trade, and also has a major international airport. India's largest stock exchange, which ranks as the third largest in the world, is situated in Mumbai.




    The Elephanta Caves:  The Elephanta Caves vibrate with positive and spiritual energy. It has large halls, courtyards, inner cells, porticos and vestibules that connect one part of the cave to another part. The Caves have many images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. However, the presiding deity of the cave is believed to be Lord Shiva.


    Film City: The very name of the "Film City" of Mumbai, is a source of inspiration for many young and budding talents of India. Apart from being the business capital of India, Mumbai is famous for the various production houses based there. The Indian film industry which is fondly called "Bollywood" is an important source of entertainment for the whole world. And Mumbai is where most movies are made. This makes the Film City a major spot of tourist interest.


    The Kanheri caves: The Kanheri caves are spread over a wide area. Each cave, which served as a room for a single monk, has a stone podium that was probably used as a bed. There is also a huge hall, which houses the 'Dagoba', a Buddhist Image and was used as a place for mass religious meetings or for group worship.


    The Gateway of India: The Gateway of India is one of the architectural marvels of India. Located on the southern part of Mumbai on the shores of Arabian Sea, it is an important landmark of the city. It is virtually the starting point for any tourist who wants to get acquainted with the exuberant and exciting life of Mumbai. The huge monument speaks at length about the history of our country.


Tourist Destinations near Mumbai

  • Alibaug

    The Alibaug beach can be reached by bus and is just one kilometre away from state transport bus station. It is spread over 3 to 4 kms and is a popular weekend destination for Mumbaikars. The moment one reaches the beach, they have the sight of the famous Kolaba Fort.

  • Pune

    Pune is a city with a future that promises to be as interesting as its history. Long-standing bastion of the Maratha Empire and home to the legendary Raja Shivaji, the Pune district is marked by magnificent land and forts that are a testimony to its glorious past.

    Top Places

    • Aga Khan Palace

    • Osho Commune International

    • Kasturba Samadhi

  • Amby valley

    Spread over 10,000 acres of land, Aamby Valley City is the first of its kind destination, nestled amidst picturesque environs of the great Sahayadri mountain range. It offers its visitors a wide range of activities and a memorable experience.

  • Shirdi

    Shirdi, the hometown of Shri Sai Baba, is located in Rahata Taluka of the Ahmednagar District in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is a visited by innumerable pilgrims who come to the famous Shirdi Sai Baba Temple.

  • Arnala beach

    Arnala beach is one of the best beaches near Virar and is known for its fine coconut trees.

  • Lonavla

    At a distance of just 84 kms from Mumbai is Lonavala, a beautiful place covered with lush green sceneries and a very popular weekend destination.

  • Matheran

    The cliffs of Matheran, with their incredibly steep drops to the plains below, offer stunning viewing points. These panoramic vistas, by day and night, leave you feeling light headed. Standing at Hart Point in pitch darkness, you get a breath-taking glimpse of the lights of busy Bombay.

  • Khandala

    Khandala is an exotic hill station, ideal for trekking. One can easily reach Khandala by road as it is quite near Mumbai.

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