AVIS is one of the world's best-known car rental brands with approximately 5,500 locations in more than 165 countries.
Avis has a long history of innovation in the car rental industry and provides premium self-drive and chauffeur-drive rentals to its customers.

Up to 10% OFF* on Self-drive cars

Book your self-drive car for African, European & Middle Eastern countries and get up to 10% OFF

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions –

1.       Offer valid for bookings made from 8 January 2024 to 21 January 2024.

2.       Offer valid for pick-ups from 8 January 2024 to 30 June 2024.

3.       Offer of up to 10% off is valid for rentals at Avis participating locations in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, with the use of specific Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number only.

4.       Discounts are available across a wide range of vehicles and locations within Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, the UK and Ukraine.

5.       Discounts do not apply to non-participating locations in France and the UK listed below.

6.       Rate shown on website or quoted by reservation is rate after discount.

7.       This offer does not apply to special fleet such as Select Series, Prestige or Vans unless otherwise stated.

8.       All rentals are subject to insurance excess where applicable; optional insurances are available locally to reduce this excess.

9.       All rentals may be subject to additional surcharges for voluntary options (e.g. for special equipment, additional drivers, young drivers, optional insurances, fuel, etc.).

10.   Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other coupon, promotion, discount or offer.

11.   Discounts do not apply to: Mandatory taxes and surcharges, including premium location fees, vehicle licence fee and Young Driver Surcharge, plus other insurance charges by selected locations.

12.   Discounts do not apply to: optional extras (such as special equipment, additional drivers, optional coverage or pre-paid fuel), pay-on-return fuel charges or accident, damage or theft processing fees.

13.   Minimum 24 hours advance booking is required.

14.   Minimum 3 rental days is required for rentals in Singapore.

15.   Offer applies to rentals up to 27 days.

16.   Offer available for outbound rentals only and does not apply on domestic rentals (for example, rentals taking place in the same country the booking is made).

17.   Discounts may vary from country to country and depending on dates of rental.

18.   Blackout dates apply to rentals in Lebanon from 10 Jun 2024 to 30 June 2024 and Mauritius from 8 January 2024 to           15 January 2024. Other blackout dates may apply.

19.   Car rental return restrictions may apply.

20.   Discounts are not valid for contracted rates, corporate rates, chauffeur drive, airline employees, tour operators or other nett rates.

21.   If any AWD number other than the ones stated above is present in the rental booking, no discounts will be applied.

22.   If any AWD number other than the ones stated above is present in a customer’s Avis Preferred profile and this is used in the rental booking, no discounts will be applied and once booked, this cannot be reversed.

23.   Renter must meet standard Avis age, driver and credit requirements. Minimum age may vary by location, but daily surcharge may apply for renters under 25 years old in some locations.

24.   Offer is subject to availability and subject to change without notice.

25.   Avis standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Non-participating Locations -


Abbeville Dt(PL1), Abbeville Gare(DY8), Ablaincourt Pressoir(KJ0), Agen Dt(AF6), Agen Gare(CX8), Albi Dt(L12), Amiens Dt(MN8), Amiens Dt Prestige(Y8Y), Amiens Dt Select(Y9Y), Amiens Gare Sncf(DY9), Arras Dt(ARR), Arras Gare(AI5), Aurillac Apt(AUR), Aurillac Dt(U3R), Aurillac Gare(AI6), Avis Bombardier Del Col(ZK0), Bayonne Dt(F1R), Bayonne Gare(GU4), Bd Beauvais Apt(BVA), Beauvais Apt(BVA), Beauvais Apt Select(B8J), Beauvais Dt(JU2), Beauvais Tille Prestige(Y2Z), Belfort Del Col Only(MT3), Belfort Montbeliard Tgv(ZK5), Belfort Rw Fr(O2W), Bergerac Apt Fr(EGC), Bergerac Gare Fr(BG9), Besancon Dt(BSN), Besancon Franche Comte Tgv(X5L), Besancon Viotte(AK9), Bethune Dt(QR6), Bethune Gare(DY7), Beziers Apt(BZR), Beziers Dt(BZS), Beziers Gare(AL3), Biarritz Anglet Dt Fr(GL1), Biarritz Apt(BIQ), Biarritz Apt Select(C4Y), Biarritz Gare(F2A), Biarritz Ville Fr(BI7), Boulogne Sur Mer Dt(BSG), Boulogne Sur Mer Gare(CU4), Breteuil Dt Fr(DG6), Brive Apt Fr(BVE), Brive Dt(BIV), Brive Gare Fr(NJ7), Cahors Dt(CH6), Cahors Gare(GY3), Calais Dt(X6Y), Calais Frethun Gare Tgv(CA4), Calais Prestige(Y6Z), Calais Select Dt Fr(Y7Z), Cambrai Dt(J8L), Cambrai Rw Fr(O40), Carcassonne Apt(CCF), Carcassonne Dt(C5C), Carcassonne Gare Mad(NJ2), Chalons En Champagne Dt(HLO), Chalons En Champagne Gare(P4Y), Charleville Mezieres Dt Fr(JP5), Charleville Rw Fr(ZU3), Chateau Thierry Dt(CTY), Compiegne Dt(RF1), Compiegne Gare(Y5D), Creil Dt(JU3), Dax Dt(DXX), Dax Gare(GX8), Dieppe Garage(Z7G), Dieppe Gare(DA7), Dole Apt Fr(DLE), Dole Del Col Fr(JR7), Dole Gare(R82), Dole Gare(DO5), Douai Del Col(Y3D), Douai Gare(DY6), Douai Vu Fr(R83), Dunkerque Dt(DUN), Dunkerque Gare(AM6), Epernay Dt Fr(E9Q), Epernay Rw Fr(E9K), Epinal Dt(EPI), Epinal Gare(AM7), Etaples Le Touquet Dt Fr(E9V), Etaples Le Touquet Rw Fr(E9X), Evreux(EVX), Evreux Gare(DS4), Figeac Dt(WN2), Figeac Le Pont Dor(WN3), Hirson Dt Fr(QE3), Laon Dt(LN3), Le Bourget Dt(GW5), Le Havre Apt(LEH), Le Havre Dt(LE2), Le Havre Gare(AH5), Le Havre Prestige Fr(Y6Y), Le Havre Select(Y7Y), Lens Dt(WP4), Lens Dt Prestige(Y4Z), Lens Dt Select(Y3Z), Lens Gare(F1A), Lille Villeneuve D Ascq Dt(LI5), Lourdes Dt Fr(Z7T), Lourdes Gare Fr(AM9), Lourdes-tarbes Apt(LDE), Louviers Fr(VT5), Marmande Del Col Fr(MM8), Maubeuge Dt(VC3), Maubeuge Gare(H7U), Meru Dt(MR9), Mont De Marsan Dt(G7G), Mont De Marsan Gare(GR7), Montauban Dt(OTN), Montauban Gare(AN7), Narbonne Dt(NRB), Narbonne Gare(ZT3), Pau Apt(PUF), Pau Dt(PUU), Pau Gare(CE3), Pau Hq Dt Fr(LU6), Pau Vl Armoire(V65), Perigueux Dt(PGU), Perigueux Gare Fr(WN7), Perpignan Apt(PGF), Perpignan Dt(PG1), Perpignan Gare(ED6), Pontoise Dt(PON), Rbx Lys Les Lannoy Dt(U5V), Rodez Aeroport Fr(RDZ), Rodez Dt Fr(RZ9), Rodez Gare Fr(CE7), Rouen Apt(URO), Rouen Dt(LM8), Rouen Gare(ZT1), Rouen Prestige Prestige(H9K), Rouen Select(G9I), Rouen Thales(R0H), Royedt(R0E), Saint Die Des Vosges Dt(F77), Senlis Dt(R9Y), Sidel Dt(L3O), Soissons Dt(PF5), Soissons Gare(PF2), St Dizier Dt(SDZ), St Dizier Rw Fr(O2T), St Jean De Luz Dt(SJL), St Jean De Luz Gare(GU3), St Omer Dt(C9A), St Quentin Dt(JF9), St Quentin Gare(CG9), Tarbes Dt(P68), Tarbes Gare Fr(CN9), Tgv Haute Picardie(VG9), Valenciennes Dt(VCS), Valenciennes Gare(CO7), Valenciennes Prestige(X1U), Valenciennes Select(X8K), Vatry Apt Fr(XCR), Vernon Ville(VNN), Vesoul Dt(VE6), Vitry Le Francois Dt(EX2), Voisins Le Bretonneux 78(VB2), Yvetot Garage(Z7H), Yvetot Gare(ZP3)


Barrow In Furness(ER7), Blackpool Airport(BLK), Bolton(LT0), Carlisle(ER0), Chester(ET8), Ferry Terminal Lerwick(X1X), Guernsey Apt(GCI), Jersey Apt(JER), Kirkwall Airport Orkney(KOI), Kirkwall Orkney(KO1), Lerwick Shetland Islands(LW1), Ronaldsway Apt Iom(IOM), Sumburgh Airport Shetland(LSI), Torquay(L83), Warrington(OM5)

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