A Complete Guide for Heritage Sites in Delhi

Posted By Avis on January 2, 2020
The 5000-year-old Delhi is a city with great history, empires, religions, and heritage. Even amidst the bustling sounds of city life, you may easily spot reminders of its rich past in nearly every part of this city.    In ...
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Food Travels: Best Destinations to Savor Different Types of Food in India

Posted By Avis on December 30, 2019
Why do you think humans feel the need to travel? Is it to explore new places or to enjoy the different types of food? Well, the latter sounds more reasonable because food lovers can go anywhere to satisfy their hunger ...
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Road Trip in Canada with AVIS | Making Memories on Self-Drive Cars

Posted By Avis on December 11, 2019
An incredible road trip with Avis self-drive across the most diverse country that is Canada It was such a great experience to host this super explorer mother-son duo. They aim to inspire other parents with their travel experience and top ...
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7 Offbeat Places to Visit in Chennai with a Self-Drive Car

Posted By Avis on December 4, 2019
Chennai is a perfect amalgamation of culture, traditions, beaches, temples, South Indian cuisine and of course, filtered coffee. It is one of the few cities, which manages to cram so many shades of beauty into one. The beauty of the ...
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Posted By Avis on November 11, 2019
Six Chief Adventure Officers of AVIS who are travel enthusiasts by heart embarked on a journey to six different locations with Avis car as their travel partner. With Avis, they explored different destinations, each one completely different from others thus ...
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