Economics of renting a car vs owning one

Posted By Avis on May 10, 2019
As John Paul Getty, the billionaire oil tycoon said ‘If it appreciates buy it. If depreciates, rent it’. Well, the last part was changed a bit by us (pun intended). However, we strongly believe that renting a car for ...
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Top 5 places to go on a road trip in a chauffeur driven car

Posted By Avis on May 8, 2019
Travel is one of the most enjoyable activities giving you an array of experiences that opens new horizons. One of the most important things while going on a road trip is choosing the right mode of transportation. The transport should ...
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Trends of car rental business in India

Posted By Avis on April 16, 2019
The first car rental business was started in 1912 in Germany by the name of Sixt which is still one of the largest car rental companies in the World. Then in 1916, Joe Saunders started renting Ford’s Model T and a ...
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Hire a Car Rental in Hyderabad and Explore these top 5 Hill Stations

Posted By Avis on April 15, 2019
Getting through the summer heat in Hyderabad can be tough at times. As the Summer is here, we must already be prepared to escape the heat and list down the places that would help us to escape. The best means ...
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Best road trips in India to plan in April

Posted By Avis on April 14, 2019
Where many just dream of a fascinating road trip, there are many who experience this journey of a lifetime. And I am sure you must have heard from someone in your circle boasting about their time on the road. Summer ...
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