Things to Remember Before Planning a Road Trip in India

Posted By Avis on October 24, 2019
A road trip doesn’t mean taking the car out on an impulse, grabbing your buddies and start driving down the road. There have been no better times than nowadays to hit the roads, thanks to advanced navigations, efficient cars, ...
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Join the Celebrations of Music at Jodhpur RIFF 2019 with Avis

Posted By Avis on September 27, 2019
If you love listening to jazz, Sufi, classical, independent & folk music under moonlit nights, then we have just the right destination for you. Mark your calendars and prepare to indulge yourself in Rajasthani music & culture at Jodhpur RIFF 2019 ...
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Things to Remember When You Choose to Rent a Car for Your International Trip

Posted By Avis on September 25, 2019
Self Drive car rentals offer you great flexibility and convenience when you want to explore your dream international location. USA, Europe, UK, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand have lately become the preferred countries for booking a self-drive experience for ...
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Top 5 Hill Stations near Kolkata for a Road Trip Straight to Heaven

Posted By Avis on September 19, 2019
Known as the City of Joy, India’s third-largest city is a constant celebration of life & diversity. Bold yet reserved, dramatic yet artistic, the city is often called the cultural hotspot of India. The burst of colors, incessant noise ...
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North India vs South India, which is the one for you to explore?

Posted By Avis on August 21, 2019
Enriched with culture, scenery & diversity, India has a long list of incredible cities & destinations. If north has the mighty Himalayas & Rajasthan royalty then the south has all of the gorgeous beaches & Kerala’s backwaters. Source: blog....
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