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Multi City Travel

Multi City Travel

We, at Avis India, are pleased to be an outstanding player in the hospitality and generosity field. Since our commencement, we have been indulging in the transportation needs and budget of the tourists. Our wealth is really our dedication and determination to conquer, succeed and to serve. For your smart travel, we have organized a variety of options to visit any location of your choice in India by hiring these multicity local travel packages depending on your specific requirements.

Wide Choices for Cities and Operators

With a broad range of local travel packages and operators, Avis India is able to cover an exceptionally extensive range of business tours and holiday styles for all ages. We offer a complete collection of end to end multicity car rental customized solutions and offer a reliable medium of travel to visitors.

Advanced Choices for Car Types

Today we are proud to have a fleet of incomparable cars in various parts of India. These include well maintained and excellent conditioned luxury cars like Toyota Camry, Audi, Mercedes, Honda city and many more. Our advancement and progress can be attributed to our attitude and hard work towards customer’s satisfaction.

Discounts and Cash backs

Our company provides numerous discounts, offers, deals and packages for those who wants to visit to their desired location by using an economical, comfortable and luxurious transportation.

Luxury Car Hire and Unique Experiences

As everyone wants to spend luxury and blessed holidays creating exclusive and unique experiences of life, we provide you luxury car rental with numerous Eco friendly and well maintained luxury vehicles that suits your requirements and provide a chance to make your dream come true.

24*7 Support

We ensure tourists' comfort to the minutest detail. We have a team of professionals who are 24 hours active in solving the queries and problems of the customers. Our staff is so reliable that we provide you comfortable, pleasurable and safe journey in our vehicles in the mentioned local cities.


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